Where Have I Been??


I really apologize for my absence from this blog! Molly and I are working a lot and trying to do fun things at night as well so keeping up with this is difficult. But I’m going to recap what’s happened since I last posted!

The Wolf of Wall Street

So the trailer just dropped and this movie looks to be pretty darn good. Martin Scorsese directs Leonardo DiCaprio in a screenplay written by Terence Winter. I cannot list the number of ways this movie can go right. Unfortunately, we have to wait until November to watch! (Also Kanye West’s  “Black Skinhead” plays in the trailer!)

Mad Men

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT IS HAPPENING??? I will briefly touch on characters and give you my reaction.

Don Draper: Duuuuuude get it together. I thought he was going to pass out in the lobby after Sally caught him “comforting” the neighbor! 

Sally: I am so happy that Glen is back in Sally’s life. I love him and Kiernan Shipka has been doing REALLY well this season!

Peggy & Ted: I shall address them at the same time, and tell them both to get it together.

Megan (Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense): But seriously can we talk about how silly the theory that Megan was already dead was?

Bob Benson: Poor Bobby. He just wants to be a nice guy and get you coffee Pete.

Pete: I can’t even imagine what Vincent Kartheiser’s hair looked like after they’re done shooting this season.

Seriously I have no idea what is going to happen in this show EVER.

This is the End

We saw this movie. I really enjoyed it. Molly did not. Only see it if you really like Apatow-style humor.


Dan Harmon is back, yo! Here are his not so nice thoughts on season 4.

Boardwalk Empire Trailer!

-Tyler Clements


Fall TV 2013

CBS:CBS release behind the scenes looks at the new shows which were long and not they released trailers for the shows which are even looooooonger!!!! What’s up with that? You want us to watch the pilots right? Here are my snap judgement of the shows. I will have the other network show up later, since unlike the eye the rest have a bajillion new shows! Here’s hoping NBC can have more than one successful new show this fall.

Hostages – seems more like a movie than a TV show. What the DOG never dies! I am very intrigue, CBS nagged some brilliant actors, Toni Collette and Dylan McDermont. Collettes eye glare through the TV scared the shit out of me! I like how they’re doing the 13 episode formula so no chance of this dragging out…… hopefully.

Verdict: Tuning In!

Moms: watched five seconds of the trailer and promptly turned it off.

Verdict: Not in my eyesight

*I won’t even post the trailer because no one should watch it

The Crazy Ones: It’s Robin Williams so what could wrong? Bob Benson makes an appearance.  No laugh tracks! A five minute trailer, so I can skip the first episode and not miss a beat.

Verdict: Tuning In for the three episode trial

The Millers: Oh Will Arnett, you can’t find a show as good as Arrested Development. The Waitress from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Margo Martindale from Justified. Beau Bridges. What are they doing? No intelligent jokes, just a regular laugh track CBS show that isn’t HIMYM.

Verdict: Not in my eyesight.

We Are Men: Tony Shaloub, what are you doing? No, I will not a TV show about a bunch of men being versions of Barney Stinson.

Verdict: HELL NO

Awaiting Intelligence, starring Josh Holloway, which is also doing the 13 episode formula. No repeats!!! CBS has potential to have some good dramas.

Mad Men – “The Crash”

Violence – intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force

Tyler Clements


Sorry I missed last week’s post! The theme was heresy which, in my opinion, there was some. This week, violence is definitely more prominent. From Don throwing his telephone, to Sylvia insinuating Art’s violence, to teenage Don being beaten by his step mom the episode was very tense. I even felt like there was some threat of violence when the intruder was in the Draper apartment.

It was a very good episode overall and I’m really interested to see what’s going to happen. Don and Ted are already butting heads and they’re not far into their relationship so I see trouble there.

I think the drug use in this episode slightly edged out Roger on LSD last season. Mainly because Stan raced Cutler across the second floor and then got stabbed with an exacto-knife.

Extra thoughts:
– Ginsberg cannot aim.
– No Bob Benson. 😦
– No Joan. 😦
– No Pete. 🙂
– What in the world was happening at the beginning of the episode when Ken was driving?????
– Next weeks theme: Fraud (so basically Don’s entire life)

Mad Men – “For Immediate Release”


Tyler Clements

Grade: A

These reviews will become shorter because I just started my new job, and cannot watch the show until Monday night. 


Anger – A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.


“I want to make it clear, unless this works, I’m against it.”

Holy theme! Don may have been the angriest we’ve ever seen him while firing Herb. Then Pete almost comes to blows (again) in the office when Don fires Jaguar, and is furious that Vick chemical is leaving. I don’t really want to spend too much time on this other than to point out that it was there.

I loved this episode, mostly because it means a big shakeup in the way the show operates.  I want to know if ad agencies were really this volatile back in the 60’s. It seems like they’re always swinging between owners and size and clients, it seems much more stable now. I have a feeling some people are going to butt heads at the new agency, especially since Don and Roger went ahead and did this without the rest of the company knowing about it.

Thank God Roger was in this episode so much because he hasn’t really been in a ton of this season’s episodes for any lengths of time. I’m upset that he wasn’t physically in any scenes with Marie, because those two are great together. But how long do you think he was sleeping with the airline girl before that paid off for him? Ha! Love the small part where we see Sterling’s Gold, which Roger keeps in his to go bag. Also enjoyed the fact that Roger now shines his own shoes.

I kind of hate the Peggy/Chaough thing, but love that he’s becoming a more central character because it looks like we are going to have a new agency on our hands, SCDHCC (Sterling Cooper Draper Harris Cutler Chaough,) or whatever Peggy names it.

Extra Thoughts:

  • No Sally 😥
  • I want a Bob Benson spin-off entitled “Curious George Visits the Whorehouse”
  • Pete was exaggerating about the size of the prostitute. I went back and looked and she looked normal to me.
  • Next weeks theme: Heresy

Iron Man 3

Movie Formula – The Dark Knight Rises + G.I Joe + Home Alone = Iron Man 3


Reviewed by: Molly Raker

This Iron Man movie barely had any Iron Man in it. It had a similar feel as The Dark Knight Rises,  as in Batman was barley in it. Iron Man 3 was more about Tony Stark than it was about Iron Man even though they are one in the same. I can’t write a long review since I have two jobs and I’m busy. I’m going to list out some highlights and low-lights of the film. I love to spoil things so read with caution:


  • They effectively brought up the New York attack (The Avengers movie) without really bringing it up, per anxiety attacks. Who wouldn’t after going into a wormhole?
  •  Loved the twist! Even though Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin seemed like a bad-ass villain. I liked how a drugged up dumb-ass playing this scary character! I felt this was a better twist than Miranda Tate being the supervillian over Bane.
  • Colonel Rhodes played a semi-bigger part in this movie!
  • Tony Stark played the right kind of humor. I felt the second movie had way too much humor from him.
  • The lady was in distress but saved the day! Go Pepper! I also like Gwyenth Paltrow more in this movie than the others.
  • There was a believable* story-line. Lesson being: Just be nice to people, it’s not that hard!

Low-light /Questions

  • Who is operating the War Machine/Iron Patriot suit? Jarvis?
  • How did the suit take the President to Aldrich Killian freighter?
  • Why didn’t the explosion of the Iron Man suit which was on Killiam kill him but Pepper throwing a mini-missile at him did?
  • Where did Killian get all these military personal to basically go against the country? I feel like a growth of a limb wouldn’t turn THAT many soldiers!
  • Really Vice President?! Really?! As I was telling Tyler, what action movie doesn’t have a good guy go bad or a double agent? In this movie we had three, Killian, Vice President and Maya Hansen (who eventually went back to good?)
  •  How did Tony Stark know all the enhanced fire people were destroyed before destroying his army of suits?

All in all, this third movie was exceptionally better than the second one! I think everyone can agree to that! I love how Tony developed in this movie realizing he needs give up the power to have power! No more glowing heart! He’s a mechanic and Iron Man!

I loved how we realized he was talking to Bruce Banner because I was not a fan of the voice-over at first. I did not have the patience! Tyler should be seeing it sometime this week and will be posting what he thought as well! I hope he likes it as much as I did! I was left amazed exiting the movie theater. This is an action movie!

Grade: B+


* Believeable meaning, in a world of aliens and hologrammed crime scene maps someone could breathe fire.

Mad Men – “The Flood”


Tyler Clements

Grade: A

Greed – a selfish and excessive desire for more of something than is needed

If you haven’t yet, listen to Matt Weiner’s interview on NPR’s Fresh Air. He all but confirmed my theory that this season is structured like Dante’s Inferno.  He did, however, make me doubt that Don is actually dead.  If you listen to some of the extra clips in the article you’ll find that it was his intention to make the audience wonder whether Don was alive or dead during the first episode.  So, I’m pretty much abandoning that. However, I believe my Dante theory is still going strong.

Whenever Mad Men deals with some kind of huge historical event you know it is going to be an excellent episode.  It’s always extremely interesting to see how the characters react to what we now consider some of the biggest events in U.S. history. The Kennedy-Nixon election, Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy Assassination, Ali v. Liston, and now the assassination of MLK jr. Matt Weiner has also stated in interviews that he chose to set this season in 1968 because of all the crazy things that happen!

But lets get down to why we’re here, to talk about greed.  This episode, like last episode, didn’t feel as heavy-handed as the first three with the Dante theme.  Greed is, however, always present in the Mad Men Universe. One could argue that Peggy moving into an apartment with 1,300 square feet, 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths is a little greedy. Especially when she’s only just started making Upper East Side money. But I think that her broker/realtor is the main source of greed in this instance. She pushes Peggy to come in at $5,000 below the $28,000 asking price. For those math nerds like me, that’s like lopping off $33,000 in 2013 dollars.

Harry Crane is always being too greedy.  Whether it’s creating his position as head of TV, or squeezing Roger out of all of his money last season, Harry is a very greedy guy. So when the breaking news is interrupting Bewitched, he isn’t happy about all the money SCDP is losing. Luckily we have the always upstanding Pete Campbell to put Harry back in his place. Pete has always been sympathetic towards African Americans though, which is strange because, he’s pro-prostitution and an all around slimeball otherwise.

The contrast between Don and Peggy when it came to the concern over their secretaries was a very interesting note. Don has his rolodex and for a second I thought he was going to be trying to reach Dawn, but then he tried to get in contact with Sylvia. Peggy seemed genuinely concerned and comforted her girl when she got there in a way Don and Joan could not.

Don takes Bobby to see Planet of the Apes and I can’t help but feel like that plays into the theme of this episode.  I’ve seen the original but I haven’t seen any of the more recent ones. But from what I can assume they were trying to convey was, humans are destroying earth with their disagreements and greed. I also like that this was the first major Bobby storyline, uh, ever. Turns out he’s a pretty smart kid.  He’s obviously a lot like Don, I especially like when he asks about the movie and he just says, “jesus.”

What will next week hold? We are entering the Anger ring and people have a lot to be angry about. Don’t forget to listen to Matt Weiner’s interview. It’s very good.

Extra Thoughts:

  • Spoiler Alert Peggy, they never complete the Second Avenue subway.  Although they are working on it right now and the first phase should open up in 2016 rerouting the Q line.
  • Why is there so little Sally this season? I complained last week about no Ginsberg and got my wish!
  • I loved that SCDP and CGC’s tables were so far back that they couldn’t see Paul Newman.
  • First episode to not end with Don in bed with Sylvia as one of the last scenes.
  • Will next week be the assassination of Robert Kennedy? Or will we get a week off from riot-inducing assassinations.
  • Most awkward thing ever award goes to Joan hugging Dawn.
  • And the Advertising Club of New York 1967 Andy Award of Excellence goes to Megan Draper.

The Place Beyond the Pines



Tyler Clements

Grade: B

I jokingly referred to this movie as Drive 2 with some people because, uh, Ryan Gosling plays a quiet guy who is really good at driving and robs people. What I found out while seeing the movie was that I was pretty much right, for the first third at least.  The structure of Pines is very unique, and I felt like that was one of its greatest strengths but also its greatest weakness.  To break it down without giving too much of the movie away, it’s pretty much three separate storylines with overlap in the characters.  Of course all of the story is impacted by the decisions those characters made in the earlier storyline.

I felt like this was a very cool way to do the movie.  Basically we only get to know Gosling’s character, Luke, for the first third of the film.  He’s an ex-carnival-stunt-bike-rider, who quit when he found out he has a son that he wants to take care of.  Now the part that annoyed me about this structure was, I was waiting the whole time to see where Bradley Cooper would pop up! But alas, he eventually shows up and his character, Avery, a police officer, sees his path cross with Luke.

I’m not really going to talk about the story anymore than that because it would give too much away and Molly hates when I just write synopses.  I’ll tell you what I didn’t like about this story structure instead.  It definitely dragged a little bit toward the end of each character’s arc.  While there wasn’t any extraneous story, it just seemed like it was taking a long time to get to the point.  Derek Cianfrance also directed Blue Valentine, and I feel like it did the same thing sometimes. I also didn’t like the fact that each new storyline introduced new characters that were integral to our character’s development, but then we either never saw them again or, in the case of Ben Mendelsohn’s character, only saw at the very end.

Speaking of Mendelsohn, I’d like to say that he is one of my favorite new actors.  This guy is in a bunch of cool things recently! The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly, and he played Jessa’s aloof father on Girls. Also, according to his Wikipedia page, he was in a Florence + The Machine video. His character, Robin, was one of the most interesting in Pines, but abandoning him after the first act kind of made me upset.

While I don’t think The Place Beyond the Pines was a “great” movie, it was definitely a “good” movie. It attempted to be as emotionally impactful as Blue Valentine, but ultimately, fell short. Really, it’s the kind of movie that is nice to see in theaters during the break from January until May when all the most awful movies are released. I’d consider checking it out to get back into the movie watching groove while we gear up for summer!

Thor: The Dark World Photos – Quick Reaction

So I have never read a Thor comic book so I have no real evidence to back my theories on these photos. I have seen all the Marvel movies and I just have some questions and concerns about these photos. Be warned, I ramble.

First one:


What the heck is Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, doing in Asgard? Why does her hair look fake? The end of Thor had the big “battle” between Loki and Thor, that ended with the rainbow road of teleportation to earth being destroyed. Loki said, “You’ll never see her again.” The end of the movie was full of lies! You thought Loki was dead, WRONG. (which they never explained what the hell did happen to him) Thor will never see Jane again, WRONG! (ok, this one was a given but I never thought she’d go to Asgard) What’s my point? My point being on how easy it seems to be to travel from Asgard to Earth. In the Avengers, Thor pretty easily came back to earth with only an explanation of his Daddy generating a lot of power to do it. Then he leaves at the end of The Avengers and I’m just assuming the Tesseract helped. Wait, did the Tesseract become the new rainbow road of teleportation? I just hope in The Dark World they go into a little more depth into the travel between worlds. Also does it effect a mere mortal, besides what they wear?

Second one:


I have absolutely no concerns of this photo, I just like to stare at it. Although the guy behind his right shoulder has a helmet similar Loki or am I crazy?

When will the trailer premiere? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire revealed a hefty two minute teaser trailer for a movie that doesn’t premiere until November, similar to Thor? I need more Hemsworth in my life!

Is anyone else surprise it’s premiering in November? Is this the first super-hero movie to go outside the summer release?

What are your thoughts of the photos?


Mad Men – “To Have and to Hold”


Tyler Clements

Grade: B

Things are looking pretty bleak for my theory. However, I will continue to champion it! Also, I am very busy finishing up school things before graduation, so this will be brief. Last night, the theme of the episode was supposed to be gluttony (curse you Erin Levy).  This was the weakest episode of the season thus far, in my opinion.

Gluttony, the over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance, wasn’t the most prominent thing in this episode. In fact, there wasn’t really a discernable over-arching theme to this episode, and that’s why it felt weak to me. Really, gluttony has been the theme of every single other episode other than this one! There’s no Betty over-eating, there’s no Don drinking until he’s sick, and there’s no Lane’s wife buying him a Jaguar. 

More and more over time, Mad Men has succeeded by showing how its characters are dealing with the same issues in different ways. Maybe I’m missing, but it didn’t seem like there was any of that in last night’s episode.  It almost felt like this episode just moved some story-lines along.  Hopefully next week will be better! I’m still holding out hope that the theme will be greed.

Extra Thoughts:

  • I liked Don’s ad for Heinz more than Peggy’s.  But once again SCDP is losing because they’re trying to force the client to like something that they never said they wanted.  
  • Stan is the best thing about this season. The middle finger between Ted and Peggy was the most perfect thing.
  • I loved that we had no clue CGC was competing for the ketchup business as well.
  • MORE GINSBERG PLEASE. He was promoted to Main Cast but he’s been on screen for a total of like 57 seconds.
  • Lastly, I find it interesting that every episode has ended with Don in bed with Sylvia (except last week, where he was in bed, then flashed back, then sat down in his doorway). Wonder if that mean’s anything. I’m working on my next conspiracy theory.

Mad Men – “Collaborators”


Tyler Clements

Grade: A-

Lust –

1. intense sexual desire or appetite.

2. uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite

3. a passionate or overmastering desire or craving

Welcome to the second circle of Hell, Lust.  Yes, I’m still on this. While this episode did nothing to sway me one way or another on whether Don is actually dead or not, it did convince me that this season is going to share a lot of similarities with Dante’s Inferno.  So after Don made his way through the gates of hell and through the first ring, Limbo, he arrives in the second ring which is Lust.

The episode begins with the Campbell family each charming other couple’s significant others.  Pete wants to get these women to his apartment in the city, and Trudy wants the men’s money.  This is the first presence of lust in this weeks episode. Since it seems that everyone in the series will be sharing in the themes of the episodes, I’m more inclined to think maybe this is happening in Don’s head.

Nevertheless, we cut to something that we know for a fact is in Don’s head, his dream.  He mentioned last season that he was raised in a whorehouse, and now we get to see what he was talking about.  Don is dreaming about when his lust for women and power first began.

The first episode played like a movie, and I absolutely loved it for that reason. This episode had some cuts in weird places, and some things happened rather abruptly. I loved the editing while Don and Sylvia are arguing and the show cuts to their later activities. Also, Sylvia says that she can’t fall in love, which is further proof that their affair is fueled only by lust.

What happened to Don at the very end of the episode? Did he pass out or just sit down? A friend of mine asked me these questions.  I honestly have no idea.  It seemed to me like he kind of awkwardly came to the ground.  But that could have come just from the exhaustion from the guilt of what he’s doing.  And now, knowing that Megan has had a miscarriage, he has to go back in there and face her with all his lies, when she has told him everything.

I’m still holding out hope for my theory.  As the episodes go on and there’s no callback to the doorman, or death, it will be less likely.  So at the very least, it looks like the first few episodes are going to play out like Dante’s Inferno.  But after we get to the 8th or 9th episode it’ll be interesting to see where this season goes.

Lust Count: 8 instances

  • Pete – next door neighbors wife
  • Don – his step-mother, Sylvia
  • Herb – Joan, money
  • Ted Chaough – stealing Ketchup
  • Munich – Germans wanted more

Extra Thoughts:

  • I’m starting to think that Bob Benson hasn’t actually met some of these people before. 
  • How convenient that Dr. Rosen is called away to perform surgery ALL THE TIME!
  • Eggplant rolatinis sound pretty good!
  • Jessica Pare is really good at fake crying, and she gets to show that a lot in this episode
  • Loved that Pete thought that he had gotten off scot-free because Trudy hadn’t woken him up the night before. Then she threw it all in his face.
  • Also, why would you cheat on your insanely hot wife, Pete????
  • While it didn’t look like Betty was going to be in the next episode based on the preview, it would surprise me if she wasn’t in the Gluttony episode.