How To Be Single – Or Not


How to begin your Valentine’s Day? Of course with a showing of How To Be Single, it would be funnier if I saw it alone but I was accompanied by one of my good friends. Said friend was single but I am not. That part is funny right?

Besides a long winded review of the movie , that I honestly don’t want to write because I only remember a few things since I saw it a week ago, I broke it down to five things I learned, liked or disliked in the movie.

  1. Hiking is the thing to do to find yourself. Also I really want to go on that New Year’s Eve hike at the Grand Canyon, sounds super fun!
  2. Jake Lacey was hands down the funniest in that movie. His baby store scene was perfection even with the ridiculous spit take. He needs to be in more things and if you haven’t seen hm already in Obvious Child, go see it, it’s on Amazon Prime
  3. Apparently It’s hard to avoid people in one of the largest cities. How did she always run into one of her guys randomly? Sorry, not possible, I’ve lived in this city for almost three years and it has only happened to me ONCE.
  4. Rebel Wilsons character didn’t really bring much to the story but confusion. It’s like they forgot about her in the middle of the movie so they decided to bring a rift in the Dakota Johnson friendship randomly.
  5. Dan Stevens was supposed to be one of the leads, what happened? Was he suppose to play the honest single guy? He should of never left Downton Abbey.

It had it’s moments (mostly seen in the trailer) but the only funny part outside of it was Lacey’s baby store scene and it’s worth it to go for that scene.

Also random question, how did Dakota keep her job by being three hours late on her second day?



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