TV in Review: Week of Feb. 1st

My Gilmore Girls binge is over and some of my favorite shows weren’t new because of this thing called the Super Bowl so I thought it was going to be a rough week but there were actually some shows which returned with new episodes this past week. So I wanted to let you know how I felt about them all, even though there was only one episode of Parks and Rec.  Let’s take a look at them in order of  my least favorite to the best. I don’t want to say worse because obviously it’s good if I watch it 🙂

The Pool*:

The Mindy Project – New Girl – Broad City – Justified – Parks & Recreation – Jane the Virgin – Cougar Town – Suits – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

*missing this week is Brooklyn Nine Nine, Girls and starting this week is The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

It was a comedy filled week but what can I say comedies are my favorite but I am trying to catch up on The Americans.


9. Jane the Virgin: Getting a little to Soap Opera-y but it is supposed to be that way but the Sinrostro reveal, really? I’m going to need a little more background to believe that. Why be a murderer?

8. The Mindy Project: Adam Pally last episodes, it won’t be the same not sure how it will get it’s groove back especially after that reveal. Was it really needed but props it wasn’t saved for the finale.

7. New Girl: Nick and Schmidt being fools – nothing new here. Where’s Jess’ attractive boyfriend she is moving way to fast with?

6. Suits: This episode really lived up to Uproxx’s breakdown of every episode. Dammit. Someone knows my secret. They are some nice guys to look at.

5. Cougar Town: Does Travis still go to school? Why didn’t the office burn down with all those fireworks? Come  On! It was nice to see Ellie be nice to her husband for once.

4. Parks & Rec: Why wasn’t Anne and Chris at  Donna Meagle’s wedding? The missed the special guest which didn’t pay off so maybe it was for the best. Also we finally saw the triplets and  absolutely loved the return of Kathryn Hahn my favorite line  “I’m going to do whatever I want because I don’t have any kids”

3. Justified: The episode that is building up to the showdown abut what episode isn’t? I hope I never see Duffy tanning again. Not sure what Ava’s angle is going to be, how will it end?  All this mystery is why I love the show.

2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: I don’t usually watch this on a weekly basis because I just cannot handle that much dumb in a row but I heard about this episode because of its “tracking shot” which was an accidentally homage to Birdman. This episode was brilliant as the interior and exterior are filmed on two different lots! It really showed off Charlie Day who is my FAVORITE! You’re a goddamn bitch if you didn’t like this.

1. Broad City: Bags! Bags! Bags! Pegging, Illana’s mom and twerking. Perfection.



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