SAG Award Predictions


Are there ever really any surprises at the SAG Awards or in awards show in general? We’re at the point where almost every category is locked-in and may just have one winner come out of nowhere. Some predictable winners deserve it but makes for a boring award ceremony. I remember when Grand Budapest won over Birdman this year in Best Comedy Movie, I was cheering out loud to myself (its not like they can hear me). Here’s to hoping SAG can shake it up in some way and at least we have TV to keep us guessing.

I wanted to take a stab at predicting the winners and who I want to win. Keep in mind there are some movies I haven’t seen yet – Wild, Still Alice, Cake, The Judge, Whiplash, St. Vincent and also TV shows I don’t watch or *stopped watching – Boardwalk Empire, Big Bang, Modern Family, Downton Abbey*, The Good Wife, Homeland*, Louie, Shameless, Nurse Jackie*. I’m not even going to get into Television movie or Miniseries cause I’ve only seen Fargo and Sherlock.

Here we go, first up movies because they are superior, apparently.


Male Actor Supporting:

WILL: JK Simmons

WANT: Probably JK Simmons, just haven’t seen it yet

Female Actor Supporting:

WILL: Patricia Arquette – you can’t say no to mom.

WANT: Jessica Chastain, oh wait she’s not nominated. I thought that was just the Oscar. Sorry girl, I’m in your corner

Male Actor Leading:

WILL: Michael Keaton – he essentially made a movie making fun of himself, the greatest comeback story but Eddie Redmayne can roll up on his heels.

WANT: Jake Gyllenhall – his calm but demented character who will do anything for a good shot. SCARY

 Female Actor Leading:

WILL: Juilanne Moore

WANT: can’t really say as I’ve only seen two of the performances. This probably doesn’t stop people voting for someone they haven’t seen their performance, it’s 80% campaign.

Outstanding Cast: 

WILL: Birdman – they have the most acting nominations, it’s only common sense

WANT: Grand Budapest – great ensemble and Ralph Fiennes was rob of an nomination

Now to the world of television!



Male Actor Comedy:

WILL: Eric Stonestreet

WANT: anyone not from Modern Family or Big Bang so Louie. I don’t care that I haven’t seen all the episode the two I saw were great!

Female Actor Comedy:

WILL/WANT: Tie with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler, these government workers are hilarious. Fine I’ll choose, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She’s unstoppable.

Male Actor Drama:

WILL/WANT: Kevin Spacey – but Buscemi could have a chance since his series just ended.

Female Actor Drama:

WILL: Viola Davis


Ensemble Drama:

WILL/WANT: Game of Thrones – it’s more of an ensemble versus House of Card which is heavy on Spacey and Wright

Ensemble Comedy:

WILL: Modern Family – I just don’t see it losing its streak

WANT: Veep – if only Parks and Recreation was nominated….

Male Actor TV Movie or Miniseries:

Will: Billy Bob Thorton

Female Actor TV Movie or Miniseries:

WILL: Frances McDormand

We’ll see if I can beat Tyler AGAIN in predictions. Until Sunday.



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