Netflix Binge: Gilmore Girls



It’s Winter TV Season 2014, I quit watching Homeland, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and only got into one new show, The Affair. I just finished watching Doctor Who for the first time and I was left with a void of time that needed to be filled. Tyler is watching football, so that’s when I noticed the Gilmore Girls icon on the Netflix homepage. I say to myself I’ll just watch a couple episode while I browse the internet, one month later I’m at Season 4 Episode 6 with no signs of stopping. In the course of the perhaps fifth time re-watching the series I’ve rediscovered many interesting things about the Girls and their friends. I shall list them below.

  • Communication: The Gilmore Girls hate communicating with each other on the important stuff which gets them into fights every season. Rory doesn’t tell Lorlei about meeting Dean or the reason why they broke up. Lorelei doesn’t tell Rory about Max, when they get back. even when Rory tells Lorelei about the Jess kiss,  together. Don’t get me started on the ups and down of Emily and Lorelei.
  • Disappearing Boys: Alex from Season 3 (Billy Burke) just never gets brought up again after Lorelei kisses Max. Dave also in Season 3, he goes to college but we got no aftermath of Lane losing her first boyfriend. Then the on-screen disappearing act of Jess, why do you have to be so mean!
  • Friday Night Dinners: Do they actually happen on Fridays? Some episodes the next day Rory is wearing her Chilton uniform. The jumping around in time always throws me. Rory invites Jess to the Gilmore dinner and then the next scene is the Friday night dinner. What happened in that week! The one thing that frustrates me is when you know time has past but nothing has changed between the characters.
  • Dean: He’s an idiot! Three months into their relationship, he calls it quits because Rory can’t say I Love You. Then he gets back together because Rory has an outburst at a town meeting. has a solid five months together. Then Jess. He continues to go out with her for roughly six or so  more months knowing Rory has a crush on Jess, he admits this in Season 2 episode 18 but doesn’t break up with her until Season 3 Episode 7. Continues to date her after another man crashes the car he made for Rory. Finally breaks up with her but keeps coming back as her friend. I swear he is in more episodes after they broke up.  He then starts dating another girl for a few months. Gets in a fight with Jess to defend Rory. Gets engage the episode later to the new girlfriend of only five months. Marries girl and doesn’t go to college. Seriously. Horrible choices Dean and theres more to come.
  • Luke: Also an idiot. I know it’s a TV gimmick to have the will they won’t they but why did you have to go get married on a cruise. Out of character.
  • Jess: He stood in there. Rory at first treated him like dirt, not in a relationship, and then he did, in relationship. Full circle.

I know when I get to the later seasons I’ll have more frustrating things to say as they make so many stupid decision but I love watching them.




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