The Wolverine


Let’s be honest, I love X-Men but Tyler doesn’t care for it one bit. I, on the other hand  love the first  two X-Men movies, made THIRTEEN years ago! Good god that is forever ago. Even with that much time Hollywood is still pushing out X-Men movies with the original actors; it’s insane. Although X-Men: First Class was a great film, it presented many plot-holes. If they were trying to connect with the first trilogy of X-Men (sadly X-Men: The Last Stand is still considered a movie) they failed, miserably. When they decided to do a sequel to the spin-off of X-Men Origins: Wolverine , I was intrigued. Origins wasn’t perceived as a decent film at all. The only thing I loved about it was surprisingly enough Taylor Kitsch. Lets not forget the fact they featured Emma Frost in First Class as a 30 year old mutant but a eighteen year-old in the prequel (Origin’s). We obviously know the film version of X:Men First Class has gigantic plot holes!

One thing The Wolverine got right is to make the plot holes even less prominent. They achieved this by taking Wolverine (Logan) to another country and not even referencing back to the MANY characters featured in Origins. But, that did not help the story-line one bit. Can anyone explain to me what the Vipers motives were in this movie? I’ll bet a trillion dollars no one can..see you’re thinking about it and you can’t come up with one reason why Viper would help this old man….you could say money but the old man had none after investing it all in this technology. Don’t even get me started on the archer dude, who doesn’t even deserve for me to remember his character’s name, he was solely there to be the Katniss of the film. I bet no one can explain to me why he even worked with the Viper and then after getting stab by what’s her name decided to go against Viper. They just thought of a character to switch sides to serve a purpose then murder him. His death meant nothing because he flip-flopped sides and the audience had no chance to develop what his end goal would be in this movie. What was I suppose to take out of this movie? Wolverine will get into bed with any old girl? People are attracted to shiny things (Viper) referencing the Adamantium robot?

I would love for someone to leave a comment to defend this film as a well-develop storyline and character development. I dare you?

It makes me sad I didn’t love this movie because I like the concept of mutants and their potential. I can only hope X:Men Days of Future Past has some better motive than The Wolverine. We all know I have an issue with it already because it has time-travel and Jennifer Lawrence. But, one can not judge without seeing it.

Until next time, keep on watching those god-damn movies.

Seen and Written By: Molly Raker


2 thoughts on “The Wolverine

  1. backpocketentertainment says:

    Just a clarification. Xmen first class is meant to take place in an alternate time line/universe hence the appearance of continuity errors with actors/characters being the wrong ages. Days of futur past when it comes out is meant to bridge the timelines.

    • mollyraker says:

      When during First Class are we even given a hint it is an alternate timeline beside the continuity errors? Will have to see how DOFP plays it out but for now I’m not under the assumption its a different timeline….

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