The Way Way Back


written by: Molly Raker

The Way Way Back was a joy of movie! This coming of age movie didn’t break any formulas but it was still a great start to end. Sam Rockwell brought a hysterical performance, it’s a mystery to me how Rockwell has not won an Oscar??? This performance won’t have a chance of a nomination but I can only hope before I die, I see him hold an Oscar statue. There were some lucky guys in this movie who are in possession of the golden man, Jim Rash and Nat Faxon (no they didn’t steal them). These funny guys won it for The Descendants and that win can only explain how The Way Way Back finally got produced and assembled a brillant cast. Rash and Faxon had the screenplay finished before The Descendant was even written. It always amazes me the looong process some movies have to go through before being made (ex. Blue Valentine, it took ten years!)

This movie follows Duncan on his awkward journey in Cape Cod where he finds an escape from his make-shift family at a water park. He then finds charismatic and sarcastic Owen, played by Rockwell, who owns the Water Wizz (which is a real place). He makes his first friend, who can drive, of the summer and maybe his life. Duncan finds a love interest in the girl next door, a pirate, and a germophobe. TWWB is not short of interesting characters if you love them or hate them. What people don’t know about Duncan is he is always at the wrong place at the right time. It’s like he’s in Downton Abbey, always overhearing peoples conversation and knowing more than anyone. His knowledge eventually gets him in trouble and awkward situations but it all pays off in the end.

Even though this movie doesn’t break any rules it shows a fun journey of a fourteen year old kid finding his way and teaching others to believe in themselves. It was great making memories with this movie!

Key Learnings:

  • There should always be a Shawn Spencer like character (Owen) in every movie.
  • ALWAYS give Allison Janney a drink!
  • Jim Rash should never have a mustache, he should stick to his Dean costumes.
  • Sam Rockwell needs to be in more movies.
  • Do parents actually fall asleep when there fourteen year old or nine year old kid is not at home?
  • Who knew “Holding Out For a Hero” lyrics would work as an inspirational speech, kind of.

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