Where Have I Been??


I really apologize for my absence from this blog! Molly and I are working a lot and trying to do fun things at night as well so keeping up with this is difficult. But I’m going to recap what’s happened since I last posted!

The Wolf of Wall Street

So the trailer just dropped and this movie looks to be pretty darn good. Martin Scorsese directs Leonardo DiCaprio in a screenplay written by Terence Winter. I cannot list the number of ways this movie can go right. Unfortunately, we have to wait until November to watch! (Also Kanye West’s  “Black Skinhead” plays in the trailer!)

Mad Men

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT IS HAPPENING??? I will briefly touch on characters and give you my reaction.

Don Draper: Duuuuuude get it together. I thought he was going to pass out in the lobby after Sally caught him “comforting” the neighbor! 

Sally: I am so happy that Glen is back in Sally’s life. I love him and Kiernan Shipka has been doing REALLY well this season!

Peggy & Ted: I shall address them at the same time, and tell them both to get it together.

Megan (Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense): But seriously can we talk about how silly the theory that Megan was already dead was?

Bob Benson: Poor Bobby. He just wants to be a nice guy and get you coffee Pete.

Pete: I can’t even imagine what Vincent Kartheiser’s hair looked like after they’re done shooting this season.

Seriously I have no idea what is going to happen in this show EVER.

This is the End

We saw this movie. I really enjoyed it. Molly did not. Only see it if you really like Apatow-style humor.


Dan Harmon is back, yo! Here are his not so nice thoughts on season 4.

Boardwalk Empire Trailer!

-Tyler Clements


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