Fall TV 2013

CBS:CBS release behind the scenes looks at the new shows which were long and not they released trailers for the shows which are even looooooonger!!!! What’s up with that? You want us to watch the pilots right? Here are my snap judgement of the shows. I will have the other network show up later, since unlike the eye the rest have a bajillion new shows! Here’s hoping NBC can have more than one successful new show this fall.

Hostages – seems more like a movie than a TV show. What the DOG never dies! I am very intrigue, CBS nagged some brilliant actors, Toni Collette and Dylan McDermont. Collettes eye glare through the TV scared the shit out of me! I like how they’re doing the 13 episode formula so no chance of this dragging out…… hopefully.

Verdict: Tuning In!

Moms: watched five seconds of the trailer and promptly turned it off.

Verdict: Not in my eyesight

*I won’t even post the trailer because no one should watch it

The Crazy Ones: It’s Robin Williams so what could wrong? Bob Benson makes an appearance.  No laugh tracks! A five minute trailer, so I can skip the first episode and not miss a beat.

Verdict: Tuning In for the three episode trial

The Millers: Oh Will Arnett, you can’t find a show as good as Arrested Development. The Waitress from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Margo Martindale from Justified. Beau Bridges. What are they doing? No intelligent jokes, just a regular laugh track CBS show that isn’t HIMYM.

Verdict: Not in my eyesight.

We Are Men: Tony Shaloub, what are you doing? No, I will not a TV show about a bunch of men being versions of Barney Stinson.

Verdict: HELL NO

Awaiting Intelligence, starring Josh Holloway, which is also doing the 13 episode formula. No repeats!!! CBS has potential to have some good dramas.


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