Mad Men – “The Crash”

Violence – intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force

Tyler Clements


Sorry I missed last week’s post! The theme was heresy which, in my opinion, there was some. This week, violence is definitely more prominent. From Don throwing his telephone, to Sylvia insinuating Art’s violence, to teenage Don being beaten by his step mom the episode was very tense. I even felt like there was some threat of violence when the intruder was in the Draper apartment.

It was a very good episode overall and I’m really interested to see what’s going to happen. Don and Ted are already butting heads and they’re not far into their relationship so I see trouble there.

I think the drug use in this episode slightly edged out Roger on LSD last season. Mainly because Stan raced Cutler across the second floor and then got stabbed with an exacto-knife.

Extra thoughts:
– Ginsberg cannot aim.
– No Bob Benson. 😦
– No Joan. 😦
– No Pete. 🙂
– What in the world was happening at the beginning of the episode when Ken was driving?????
– Next weeks theme: Fraud (so basically Don’s entire life)


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