Iron Man 3

Movie Formula – The Dark Knight Rises + G.I Joe + Home Alone = Iron Man 3


Reviewed by: Molly Raker

This Iron Man movie barely had any Iron Man in it. It had a similar feel as The Dark Knight Rises,  as in Batman was barley in it. Iron Man 3 was more about Tony Stark than it was about Iron Man even though they are one in the same. I can’t write a long review since I have two jobs and I’m busy. I’m going to list out some highlights and low-lights of the film. I love to spoil things so read with caution:


  • They effectively brought up the New York attack (The Avengers movie) without really bringing it up, per anxiety attacks. Who wouldn’t after going into a wormhole?
  •  Loved the twist! Even though Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin seemed like a bad-ass villain. I liked how a drugged up dumb-ass playing this scary character! I felt this was a better twist than Miranda Tate being the supervillian over Bane.
  • Colonel Rhodes played a semi-bigger part in this movie!
  • Tony Stark played the right kind of humor. I felt the second movie had way too much humor from him.
  • The lady was in distress but saved the day! Go Pepper! I also like Gwyenth Paltrow more in this movie than the others.
  • There was a believable* story-line. Lesson being: Just be nice to people, it’s not that hard!

Low-light /Questions

  • Who is operating the War Machine/Iron Patriot suit? Jarvis?
  • How did the suit take the President to Aldrich Killian freighter?
  • Why didn’t the explosion of the Iron Man suit which was on Killiam kill him but Pepper throwing a mini-missile at him did?
  • Where did Killian get all these military personal to basically go against the country? I feel like a growth of a limb wouldn’t turn THAT many soldiers!
  • Really Vice President?! Really?! As I was telling Tyler, what action movie doesn’t have a good guy go bad or a double agent? In this movie we had three, Killian, Vice President and Maya Hansen (who eventually went back to good?)
  •  How did Tony Stark know all the enhanced fire people were destroyed before destroying his army of suits?

All in all, this third movie was exceptionally better than the second one! I think everyone can agree to that! I love how Tony developed in this movie realizing he needs give up the power to have power! No more glowing heart! He’s a mechanic and Iron Man!

I loved how we realized he was talking to Bruce Banner because I was not a fan of the voice-over at first. I did not have the patience! Tyler should be seeing it sometime this week and will be posting what he thought as well! I hope he likes it as much as I did! I was left amazed exiting the movie theater. This is an action movie!

Grade: B+


* Believeable meaning, in a world of aliens and hologrammed crime scene maps someone could breathe fire.


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