Thor: The Dark World Photos – Quick Reaction

So I have never read a Thor comic book so I have no real evidence to back my theories on these photos. I have seen all the Marvel movies and I just have some questions and concerns about these photos. Be warned, I ramble.

First one:


What the heck is Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, doing in Asgard? Why does her hair look fake? The end of Thor had the big “battle” between Loki and Thor, that ended with the rainbow road of teleportation to earth being destroyed. Loki said, “You’ll never see her again.” The end of the movie was full of lies! You thought Loki was dead, WRONG. (which they never explained what the hell did happen to him) Thor will never see Jane again, WRONG! (ok, this one was a given but I never thought she’d go to Asgard) What’s my point? My point being on how easy it seems to be to travel from Asgard to Earth. In the Avengers, Thor pretty easily came back to earth with only an explanation of his Daddy generating a lot of power to do it. Then he leaves at the end of The Avengers and I’m just assuming the Tesseract helped. Wait, did the Tesseract become the new rainbow road of teleportation? I just hope in The Dark World they go into a little more depth into the travel between worlds. Also does it effect a mere mortal, besides what they wear?

Second one:


I have absolutely no concerns of this photo, I just like to stare at it. Although the guy behind his right shoulder has a helmet similar Loki or am I crazy?

When will the trailer premiere? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire revealed a hefty two minute teaser trailer for a movie that doesn’t premiere until November, similar to Thor? I need more Hemsworth in my life!

Is anyone else surprise it’s premiering in November? Is this the first super-hero movie to go outside the summer release?

What are your thoughts of the photos?



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