Mad Men – “Collaborators”


Tyler Clements

Grade: A-

Lust –

1. intense sexual desire or appetite.

2. uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite

3. a passionate or overmastering desire or craving

Welcome to the second circle of Hell, Lust.  Yes, I’m still on this. While this episode did nothing to sway me one way or another on whether Don is actually dead or not, it did convince me that this season is going to share a lot of similarities with Dante’s Inferno.  So after Don made his way through the gates of hell and through the first ring, Limbo, he arrives in the second ring which is Lust.

The episode begins with the Campbell family each charming other couple’s significant others.  Pete wants to get these women to his apartment in the city, and Trudy wants the men’s money.  This is the first presence of lust in this weeks episode. Since it seems that everyone in the series will be sharing in the themes of the episodes, I’m more inclined to think maybe this is happening in Don’s head.

Nevertheless, we cut to something that we know for a fact is in Don’s head, his dream.  He mentioned last season that he was raised in a whorehouse, and now we get to see what he was talking about.  Don is dreaming about when his lust for women and power first began.

The first episode played like a movie, and I absolutely loved it for that reason. This episode had some cuts in weird places, and some things happened rather abruptly. I loved the editing while Don and Sylvia are arguing and the show cuts to their later activities. Also, Sylvia says that she can’t fall in love, which is further proof that their affair is fueled only by lust.

What happened to Don at the very end of the episode? Did he pass out or just sit down? A friend of mine asked me these questions.  I honestly have no idea.  It seemed to me like he kind of awkwardly came to the ground.  But that could have come just from the exhaustion from the guilt of what he’s doing.  And now, knowing that Megan has had a miscarriage, he has to go back in there and face her with all his lies, when she has told him everything.

I’m still holding out hope for my theory.  As the episodes go on and there’s no callback to the doorman, or death, it will be less likely.  So at the very least, it looks like the first few episodes are going to play out like Dante’s Inferno.  But after we get to the 8th or 9th episode it’ll be interesting to see where this season goes.

Lust Count: 8 instances

  • Pete – next door neighbors wife
  • Don – his step-mother, Sylvia
  • Herb – Joan, money
  • Ted Chaough – stealing Ketchup
  • Munich – Germans wanted more

Extra Thoughts:

  • I’m starting to think that Bob Benson hasn’t actually met some of these people before. 
  • How convenient that Dr. Rosen is called away to perform surgery ALL THE TIME!
  • Eggplant rolatinis sound pretty good!
  • Jessica Pare is really good at fake crying, and she gets to show that a lot in this episode
  • Loved that Pete thought that he had gotten off scot-free because Trudy hadn’t woken him up the night before. Then she threw it all in his face.
  • Also, why would you cheat on your insanely hot wife, Pete????
  • While it didn’t look like Betty was going to be in the next episode based on the preview, it would surprise me if she wasn’t in the Gluttony episode.

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