“I must not forget you’re a criminal” – Elizabeth Lamb

I recently got the privilege to see Danny Boyle speak about his upcoming movie Trance at an Apple Store in SoHo. Before seeing him, I knew nothing about this movie other than who was in it and what the poster (above) looked like. I didn’t even see the trailer before I saw Boyle speak. Luckily they showed the trailer before he came out to discuss the film. I was immediately impressed, I felt the trailer didn’t give away too much but after seeing the movie it actually did give you a lot of information but I just didn’t know at the time. The most fascinating thing I learned was, this movie was originally suppose to be filmed in New York City but since Boyle was directing the opening of the Olympics the production moved to London. Also Boyle doesn’t have a music supervisor on his films. I strongly suggest to check it out before seeing the movie.To see it for yourself for free just go to the iTunes Store and search Meet the Filmmaker: Danny Boyle.

After seeing him speak, I was dead set on going to see this movie. Luckily since I live in New York, I can now see it before most of the population since its in limited release before it goes semi-wide. During the whole entire movie I was trying to figure out how it would end, what was going to happen and my mouth dropped a couple times. This movie was excellent, it was like a puzzle. You think one piece will finish it all but really it’s another piece. Then actually that piece doesn’t finish it at all as you realize there’s still an open space.

It was a mix of Inception and Drive. It had an open-ended ending where you decide what happens similar to the spinning top. It had some sick violence similar to the shocking death of you know who in Drive. But, this movie was still its own. What I loved most was the color scheme each shot had, it was all different but still went together. I’m sure if I went back and saw the movie again I would pick up on certain clues just how the scenes were composed. As Boyle wanted it because he did say several times it is a movie to see twice. I completely agree. I love movies you can watch multiple times but still be surprise at what you see.

Trance kept me guessing on who I was suppose to be rooting for. In Drive and Inception, it was clear you wanted Gosling and DiCaprio to get what they wanted. While in Trance, it went back and forth between McAvoy, Dawson and Cassel. I still don’t know if I was suppose to be rooting for anyone or if I liked the outcome.

Speaking of these lovely actors, Dawson really proved herself to me. I was never a fan of her acting but in Trance she really got me to believe in her character. Vincent Cassel was brought onto the movie last minute and boy I’m I glad he cleared his schedule because this man can act! I loved him in his first heist movie Oceans 12. McAvoy just keeps improving in each movie I see him in. It’s acting like this, I would love to see nominated for an Oscar not a bi-polar widow.

After seeing Boyle speak and watching this movie. I will finally get around to see Trainspotting sooner rather than later.

My mind is still spinning after seeing this movie! I’m still confused about somethings but I just need to see it again!

Seen by: Molly Raker

Grade: A-


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