Hannibal – “Apéritif”


Grade: A

I love The Silence of the Lambs. It was one of the scariest movies I saw as a child, other than The Shining and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (insect crawling on people in creepy tunnel scene,) and of course my favorite part was Hannibal Lecter. So when I heard they were making a television show about him based on Red Dragon I was very excited! Then I found out it was going to be on NBC. Lately NBC has been pushing out some really crappy TV shows.  While I liked some of them for a little, The Event, The Firm, Revolution, they eventually ended up sucking, and NBC cancelled them, except Revolution which they took off the air for like 8 months.

Since this is the most interesting, visually and thematically, of the pilots I’ve seen recently from NBC I have high hopes for Hannibal. The story and the characters were very engaging and at the end of the episode I found myself wanting to see more.  I know this is what a pilot is supposed to do, but this episode didn’t blatantly feel like a pilot.  It didn’t really go out of its way to introduce us to characters and made us dive right into a case which, from the looks of the season previews, will impact our characters in the long run.

I have not read Red Dragon and therefore do not know what the rest of the season holds for our characters, but if the writers and directors can sustain this awesomeness throughout the season I will be very happy.  Also, NBC is doing something different with this show, taking a page out of cable network’s book, and only ordering 13 episodes for this season and any future seasons.  I like this strategy because NBC needs to mix it up a little in order to stay relevant. Hopefully they can find some ratings stability in Hannibal.

– Tyler Clements


2 thoughts on “Hannibal – “Apéritif”

  1. scriptsmotion says:

    All television shows eventually run into the problem of continuing tension without dismantling plausibility, eventually; but the problem with ensuring a show that has more than a few seasons is extracting the patience from its audience for slowly developing characters. Sam and Diane had a ridiculous on-again off-again relationship but Jack Bauer let a couple nuclear warheads blow up on his watch. Does Hannibal look like something that can keep up the tension and plausibility?

    • mollyraker says:

      Excellent point. I think Hannibal will suffer from their lack of characters. At this point there are only really 3 characters that look like they’ll be around for the long run. Shows like Lost, Mad Men, Game of Thrones etc. benefit from the fact that they have so many characters to lean on. I can’t predict the future, but for now it looks like Hannibal will succeed with this small cast in the short run. What they have going for them is the fact that everyone is oblivious to Dr. Hannibal’s actions. I’m sure we won’t see Will discover the truth about Hannibal until the end of season one, or possibly (hopefully) later.

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