Game of Thrones – “Valar Dohaeris”


Thanks to Vulture for that awesome photo above! Also, check out the others!

Hopefully I can spell everyone’s name right in this review because I’ve been failing lately.

Game of Thrones came back last night for its much anticipated 3rd season.  I haven’t read the books, but word on the street is this season will come from the first half of the third book in the series.  I caught myself up yesterday by re-watching the second half of season two before the premiere. The third season picks up pretty much right where the second left off.

As with any premiere, it’s great to catch up with the characters.  I was a little upset that we didn’t get to see some of the characters, including my favorite, Arya.  Last we saw she had left the faceless man and was off to search for her family! Where is sheeeee???? ALso we didn’t get to see how Brienne was doing transporting Jaime.  For as much as Jaime’s face is on the promotional material for the show, has he really done anything ever? I can’t really remember the last time his character did anything except stay a prisoner, escape and get caught again.

But lets focus on what actually happened in this episode.  So basically Tyrion continues to be kicked more and more while he’s down.  This time his father refuses to acknowledge that he almost singlehandedly defended King’s Landing long enough for Tywin to arrive.  I’ll be interested to see what the rest of the season has in store for Tyrion because, of course, Peter Dinklage is awesome.

Always great to see Littlefinger, and it appears he may be getting out of King’s Landing, with the newly single Sansa Stark.  Not a lot of Joffrey in this one which I didn’t particularly like.  While he is arguably the most hated character in television history, beating the likes of Nikki and Paulo, Skylar White, and Merle Dixon, he is a more dynamic character than any of them and deserves some screen time.

If I had one complaint about Game of Thrones as a whole it would be that they don’t give enough screen time to most of their characters.  With no clear cut “main characters” it would be nice to spend a little more time with some people every episode.  I’m sure that’s how the books were written, and I’m sure I’m going to be disappointed, but this is my blog and I’m allowed to complain!

What did you think of the return that got 4.4 million viewers?! Comment! (Spoilers welcomed)


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