How I Met Your Mother – “The Time Travelers”


Before watching this episode, I got a text from Tyler:

Dear god, I am in love with this HIMYM

Once I watched it, I  agreed. How I Met Your Mother always tries different ways to tell a story whether it be by room, by fake kids or by voicemail. They did a bold move in this weeks episodes and confused the hell out me. The episode started out explaining information about the Mother and whenever they do this its always a great episode. Always! Then future Barney and Future Ted pop in, of course if you know me well enough I absolutely hate time travel because it never makes sense and there are always plot holes but this isn’t the time to get into it. I’m thinking in my head how in the world are they explaining all this? It’s all fun and games until the coat check girl walks in and future her says the second saddest thing in the episode “Ted you’ve been dating awhile, it hasn’t ended any other way” Explaining to Ted all his relationship end with someone getting hurt. This convinces him not to go say Hi to cute coat check girl. We then are told these are just memories and none of it just happened! (Time travel explained) Then the saddest thing is said by Barney,

“You’ve been staring at a single ticket of Robots vs. Wrestlers the whole night. Look around Ted you’re all alone” Excuse me while I hold back some tears!

There’s been jokes and story-lines of  how Ted is all alone while all his friends have a life but none of those made you feel sad until this one. It might be because, now you know he will be meeting his wife soon and things will be getting better. This episode showed us to just hang on a little longer because the show still has innovative storytelling to show us! And I believe it with the way they presented this episode. It had the single best twist ending in any comedy I have seen! But, with a ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother still ahead of us, will we see the face of the mother? How can they avoid it since the wedding is in 45 days? Also everybody does know the title of the series has been answered? We know ‘How’ we just don’t know ‘Who’ the mother is. The whole point of the show has been answered! And yet we aren’t satisfied.

This episode balanced heart and hilarity brilliantly. I loved how they brought back Marshall’s dancer hip and a reference to Robin Sparkles. I want to try myself a Robin Scherbatsky!

P.S. Never order spaghetti at a bar! First what bar has ever had spaghetti on their menu? Second it’s a bar not an italian restaurant! Come on Barney, get your head out of your ass!


-dary. Legendary!*


*check out our Twitter page to understand this

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