Bates Motel – “First You Dream, Then You Die”


Seen by: Molly Raker

This was a highly anticipated show for me because I’ve been obsessed with their advertising campaign for months now. I loved the simplicity of the artwork but it still evoked suspense to me!  It also helped that Carlton Cuse is a writer for this show since I loved LOST, yes even the series finale! So, the day of the premiere finally came and here was my text conversation with Tyler about my reaction:

Molly: I loved Bates Motel
Tyler: Eh

Really Tyler, it only got an ‘Eh’ from you? I thought this was a great first episode, it had suspense, great acting and great writing! I think Vera Farmiga (Norma) is the new Jessica Lange. If she doesn’t get an Emmy nomination then I officially know the Emmy’s are living under a rock! Farmiga’s body language just embodied creepiness. When she slowly tied her robe with her intense eye contact, when Norman told her to hurry because his father was dead on the ground,  gave me chills. You knew she was one messed up mother. So poor Norman is left to take care of her and love her since his older brother is a flake. At first Freddie Highmore’s (Norman) posture and the way he talked bugged me, but I realized it should, as of now you’re supposed to feel sad for him. He’s an oblivious young man who has a tortured soul.

The first episode set-up great story-lines to come and many questions. Will Norma get the town to ditch the idea of the bypass? Will the cops be onto Norma of the murder? Will Norman have a normal life? Oh wait, we know the answer to that question. The better question is who was getting pricked with a needle at the end of the episode? Whose journal did Norman find underneath the carpet? Will we know Norman’s brother name? Is it Norman as well? Who will be the first guest at Bates Motel?

I love when a show plants a tiny seed and you see it grow into something beautiful! I have high hopes for Bates Motel and will not be checking out anytime soon! It’s sad to say Tyler isn’t on the same page.


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