The Walking Dead – “Prey”



This was a pretty weak episode for me.  But, a weaker episode in season three can still be The Walking Dead at some of its best.  However, that was not the case for Prey.  We didn’t really get to see any of the prison this week with most of the action taking place at Woodbury and their surrounding territories.  This is what disappointed me the most.  With only 2 episodes left after this one, I’d like to spend a little time with some of the actual main characters.  Instead the episode mainly focused on The Governor hunting down Andrea.  Nothing much else even happened in this episode! Ugh.

I really don’t even know what else to say or think about this episode.  It reminded me of the episode a couple weeks ago where Rick, Carl, and Michonne went out to get ammo.  That episode didn’t really move the plot much except for Rick’s group getting some ammo.  But at least that episode had some character development with Michonne.  This episode was just The One-Eyed Shining.  I didn’t love it, and I expect more down the final stretch of this otherwise superb show and season.


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