Cougar Town – “You Tell Me”


What you’re seeing in that picture above are your two favorite bloggers hanging out on the set of Cougar Town! Before I talk about the episode can I just say again…HOW FREAKING COOL?!?

But enough of that.  Molly will chime in later with her thoughts.  I wanted to talk about something that actually surprised me a lot.  When we visited the set we were each allowed to get a draft of the original script.  Molly did not read her copy, but I read mine.  Our episode was originally in the 9th slot but got pushed to the 10th, most likely to make way for an angry Laurie pining for Travis.

Now obviously I know that an original draft is a far cry from what is actually going to be aired, but I was still surprised by how entertaining the episode was.  When I read through the script for the first time I was pretty disappointed with the episode overall.  Aside from the occasional Seinfeld joke, nothing really made me “lol”.  But watching it tonight was like watching something completely different.  Jokes were added, jokes were cut, things were acted differently than I had imagined, and all of that made for a more enjoyable experience.

Also, it never hurts to be able to see the back of your head on TV (even if it is basic cable)!!

Molly’s Thoughts:

I was unable to see the episode live because recently I moved to New York and the apartment I am at has no cable! Blasphemy, I know! I received text messages from friends and family saying they saw me on television and here I was unable to see it. No worries, I finally saw it and loved it. Maybe my favorite episode by far, it may be because I am in it, but there were other things as well! I thought it was beautifully written by the worst writers ever, Brad and Emily, and directed by the great Michael McDonald. During our set visit we talked to them the most since the actors were busy acting and we learned Brad and Emily are not married, just work partners. They made sure we knew that fact! They are such fun characters and its been great seeing them in episodes!

About the episode, my favorite part was when Andy figures out he won the Mayorship. I remember re-watching season 3 and asking myself whatever happened to Andy running for mayor, since they made a big storyline about it! So when Andy was shocked he won a MONTH ago and needs to check his voicemail I thought it was perfect. I also found it fitting that Lynn, Jules’ therapist, also goes to see a therapist! It makes total sense since she’s crazy which makes Jules crazy for going to see her, yada yada yada.

One last thing JELLY HULK!

P.S. We still need those napkins Grayson!


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