Cougar Town – “Flirting With Time”


Every great couple has a “meet cute.” That’s the premise of this week’s Cougar Town.  This was my favorite episode this season because it was hilarious and also because we got to learn a lot about where our characters came from!  The structure reminded me a little of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, except they skip from the past to the past-past. We got to hang out with the Culdesac Crew as they reminisced about the days of old.  From Bobby dropping Travis, to Bobby catching Andy (Andy wasn’t slippery I guess) we get to see what a lot of our characters thought of each other back in the day.

Grayson isn’t happy when he realizes that he and Jules didn’t have a meet-cute of their own, they met over a plunger.  Eventually, they decide that they’re ok with the fact that they don’t have a cute magical meeting.  Then we find out that they did, in fact, have a magical meeting but neither of them remembers.  Grayson introduced Jules to wine because, “it’s great for making friends.”

On a separate note, Molly and I had a meet-cute!  We were at a friends house who was having a “Jersey Shore Ice Cream Sandwich Party” (not what it sounds like) and we ended up hanging out in the kitchen for a couple hours because we were both really hungry.

Correction from Molly: Tyler sucks at telling stories. This is my version, the better and right one, we were at a friends house for the “Jersey Shore Ice Cream Sandwich Party” which a friend made waffles and put ice cream in between the waffles. After my second “sandwich” I decided I just wanted a regular waffle so I went into the kitchen with the host to make more waffles. The host asks if anyone else wants any and thats when Tyler said he’ll take one even though he had three already and was beyond full. At the time, I didn’t know this but Tyler saw me at a college radio function a week before, we never talked, and apparently I left an impression. That was the reason he was going to stuff his face with another waffle, to talk to me. We talked about movies and television and played a trivia game on his phone. The rest was history. Our meet cute story, the end! 

Other funny stuff:

  • Laurie is stretching out her “Snooze.” She’s a vagina thesaurus.
  • Bobby dropped Travis and that’s why he has a square head. “Kills at parties.”
  • Courteney Cox cannot catch a peanut in her mouth, but she’ll pretend she did.
  • Travis meets Laurie while she’s wrestling her cousin in a fountain over a Jeff Gordon sweat-rag
  • Also, where the heck is Grayson’s house only selling for like $225,000?? We’ve been in there, right? It’s as nice as I remember, right? It’s in Florida!

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