Star Trek Into Darkness – Animated Poster

My quick reaction to this: Direct you to the Entertainment Weekly Site.


I absolutely love how animated poster are being released as a marketing tactic. The Hunger Games did a beautiful job igniting this trend and Star Trek is continuing it. I would almost be happy with just seeing this and the teaser trailer before the movie. It intrigues me and gets me excited for the release. This franchise already has a loyal fan-base, so you don’t have to show ever juicy action scene there is (which they kind of did in the second trailer) to get me to come to theatre. The title alone does that.

This teaser poster is similar to The Dark Knight Rises where we see a city in shambles, the villain front and center and a creepy mini speech from him. We still don’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in the movie and I hope I don’t know until a see the movie. I am hoping it isn’t Kahn because J.J. Abrams did a brilliant job literally revamping the franchise. He brought in time travel and they are on a different timeline meaning the past movies should mean nothing (the mean something it’s just Abrams can break away from trends), they same things shouldn’t happen. Unless were throwing a LOST twist and What happened already happened and they are just experiencing it for the first time. But, that would be combining two time travel theories and would be a big no no and a headache.

Back to the point since it was literally re-done, I would love for Cumberbatch to be playing a villain we have never heard of before. It will make the movie fresh and the audience will not know what will be coming. Since we knew the villain of The Dark Knight Rises was Bane, we (who know the comics) knew Batman woud break his back. Shock factor gone for some of us. I hope I get the shock and awe feeling in Into Darkness like I did in the first one.


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