I wish it was a Good Day to Die Hard

Awful. Just awful. Review over!

Spoiler Alert!

Seen unfortunately by: Molly Raker


This was a hilarious movie. I laughed at pretty much every action scene they had because of how ridiculous they were, John McClane got into three, count them THREE, very intense car accidents in the first twenty minutes. He should’ve died. I know you’re suppose to stretch your imagination in action movies but seriously he had no seat belt on and the Jeep flipped over three cars three times. DEAD! McClanes never die not even from radiation when they aren’t wearing any protective gear and a big container of weapon ready uranium plummets to the ground and blows up! Double DEAD.

Aside from the impossible escapes from death, the plot made no sense to me. I already forget the bad guys name, Komarov or Yuri, he planned to escape prison with the CIA and his Nemesis help. I don’t understand why he needed the CIA. He could’ve escaped with just using his arch-nemesis. I thought maybe the CIA wasn’t part of his plan but at the end he said he “used” them. The lesson being you need a screenwriter who can write villains like Hans Gruber and Thomas Gabriel. They’re plan made sense, I knew they’re motive. This one I was just flat out confused. The movie started off with four villains and one by one they died some from each other with no known evil plan.

Bruce Willis as wise ass John McClane lost his wise-assness. He repeated multiple times he was on vacation, when he said it for the fourth time I rolled my eyes, we get it! He yelled Jack many times reminding me of Michael from LOST yelling Walt. Those damn kids just can’t listen.Willis was in two brillant movies last year Moonrise Kingdom and Looper where he gave great performances. I don’t know what happen to him in this movie, maybe it was all the car accidents finally catching up to him. The Sam Worthington look-a-like Jai Courtney is a worthy action star. Even in those slow-mo shots I could feel his intensity.

I can’t wait for Die Hard 7 where the whole McClane family gets together for a reunion and someone gets Taken. Am I confusing franchises?


One thought on “I wish it was a Good Day to Die Hard

  1. CMrok93 says:

    There is usually at least one film released each month that falls into the swampy levels that this film descends into, but this is a major Hollywood release, how did Bruce Willis sign on to this script? Good review Molly.

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