Girls – “One Man’s Trash”



By: Tyler Clements

At this point in my life I’ve watched a lot of television. But I can’t remember a time, other than a couple Lost episodes, where an enormous part of the main cast is completely missing.  The only main two in this episode are Hannah and Ray.  They don’t even mention Shoshanna, Jessa, Marnie, or Charlie! And don’t even get me started with the fact that Adam has been absent for like 19 episodes! Hannah is burning through men this season. Sandy, Adam, Laird, Elijah (sort of) and now Josh(ua), and we’re only five episodes in! She’s dropping men faster than Tony Soprano at war with New York!

But on a note more related to the episode, while it wasn’t the funniest episode of Girls it was definitely a big moment for Hannah.  In the first 14 episodes we saw her whimsically go through life just wanting to gather experiences.  Whether that was her boyfriend peeing on her in the shower, dating a black Republican, or doing cocaine off the toilet seat in a dance club, Hannah was in it for the story.  And this particular story reminds me a lot of Jessa’s arc.  Here’s this well-off bachelor who doesn’t care that this girl is just having fun.  There’s something about her that he likes.  It’s interesting to imagine Jessa doing all the things Hannah did at the end of the episode (toast, the paper, taking out the trash) at one point and thinking, “I could do this for the rest of my life.”  Maybe she didn’t and that’s why her relationship with Thomas-John ended so abruptly.

Whatever the case, Hannah finally admits to herself and to Joshua that she really does want to be happy.  I was waiting the whole episode to see how Hannah was going to screw this up so he could throw her out.  But he seemed like he genuinely wanted her there. He cooks her steaks and they even joke about his neighbors (who he thinks are annoying, but they seem like Hannah’s kind of people.)  In the end Hannah finds that this particular place is not where she will find happiness.  The grass (wink wink) will always be greener in the neighbors yard.

The episodes have been a lot better recently after the second and third were pretty mixed for me personally.  Unfortunately for Hannah I don’t think she’ll ever find the happiness she’s looking for because then the show would be boring.

P.S. WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much naked Hannah tonight.


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