Best Hour of Comedy – Community and Parks & Recreation

NBC knows there comedies. A college and a government office is the best place to make friends!


By: Molly Raker


First up at 8pm was the long awaited return of Community. Things are different at Greendale, the creator, Dan Harmon, is no longer with the show because of some issues with a cast member. I won’t say his name because you should know. Once the news broke, all Greendalians, (new name for Community fans? No? Alright.) Fans of Community were outraged, they thought the show would never be the same. While it’s a valid concern, Harmon wasn’t the only person contributing to the storyline and even he had some flawed episodes at first. Let’s not forget Harmon was in charge when the episode about Britta and Troy’s Nana was made (Basic Genealogy). The show has its rhythm which any comedic runner can pick up, I know it won’t be one hundred percent the same or better. We will never know. But, the new show-runners David Guarascio and Moses Port come from a good comedy background so I wasn’t to worried. Once the outrage died down, Guarascio gave a quote to Alan Sepinwall:

“Every year of every show is different from every year that preceded it. Even on “Community,” season 2 is different from season 1 and season 3 from season 2. No matter who’s running the show in season 4, that would be the case, as long as you’re true to following the arc that the characters have been on previously” To read the full interview go here

Nevertheless it will be hard without Harmon but I have faith in the actors and writers to keep the show going. We get to October 19th (February 7th) the episode is airing that night and everyone is nervous about what they’re about to see. I watched it and I liked it. I had my issues, but overall the study group was the study group.

I thought the cold open went on for a little too long and I wanted to punch a wall when I heard a laugh track. But, we had yet another episode about Abed not able to handle a new situation. Just like the claymation Christmas episode, Abed created another world (his happy place) to cope with the change. Season Three was very heavy on Abed and it seems like it’s going to continue that pattern in the fourth and to me Abed has grown into the lead character (Danny Pudi nominated for Lead Actor in MT Review Awards). Gone are the days of everyone concerning themselves with Jeff. He has grown and fallen into a pattern of doing something wrong and then making a speech to apologize. All the other characters were there, Annie trying to rebel (moving a stapler) but Shirley cranking it up a notch (popcorn in the car). Troy and Abed are fyne! Britta and Troy are just holding hands and are awkward (I still don’t like this relationship!) And Pierce was left out of the loop. The Dean was being creepy towards Jeff (they’re neighbors now). The Dean was using an excessive amount of Dean pun jokes. And Chang made an appearance. To me, not much has change since Harmon’s departure. This episode was a little zany but what episodes haven’t been like this?

This show has the capability of holding the same amount of viewers or more after such a long break two seasons in a row. Just goes to show the fans aren’t going anywhere, no matter what! I’m certainly not. We’re invested in the characters. NBC better give us a full fifth season like NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenbelt said it could absolutely get one!

Parks and Recreation

By: Tyler Clements

Parks and Recreation - Season 5
Just about everything in the latest Parks & Rec was perfect. I was actually laughing out loud within the first half of the show! Because Molly and I watch at separate times I always text her funny quotes throughout the show. So she got mad and limited me to two. I used them up before the first six minutes!!! (“It was literally just a small calzone.” And “Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants. New band name, I call it.”)

What was great about this episode is it focuses on Ann. Ann has been a pretty weak character throughout the series only occasionally giving us any substance. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rashida Jones and I think Ann is funny, she just hasn’t been very central. So it was great to see her this week kind of behaving like Leslie. She had this idea in her head and nothing was going to stop her from getting it done! So Leslie had to intervene to stop someone else from being crazy?? Say whaaaat??

The other stellar storyline was with the guys. We’ve seen a couple of splits between the guy storylines and the girl storylines this season, which makes me sad because I think the interaction between Ben and Leslie can produce some of the shows funniest moments.  But it was well worth it this time! Props to this show for what may have been the single funniest scene I’ve ever seen. Ron, Chris, and Ben were at their funniest while in the fetal position in Chris’ office.

I was a little upset with the lack of screen time for Jerry and Donna because they always make me laugh. But I don’t have many other complaints about what I thought was a near perfect episode of Parks.

Tune in next week at 8pm for Community and 8:30pm for Parks & Recreation on NBC!


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