This was the second foreign language film I have seen, the first being Amelie. Now, I took six years of French so you would think I didn’t need the subtitles. You would be wrong. Although I did know the French numbers up to 15 when George was doing Anne’s leg exercise. (go me) I still had trouble reading the subtitles because even with some French knowledge I didn’t know Anne was a piano teacher. Don’t laugh! It was something I missed! Even without this knowledge I still enjoyed the movie even though it started off with a technique I hate! That technique being you see how the movie is going to end and then the next scene is back in time to show how it led up to the ending.  Amour handled it the way everyone should, they never showed the scene we saw in the beginning at the end and there was no text stating two months earlier or anything. I applaud you Michael Haneke!

This is my first Haneke film so I don’t know if it is his style but I loved the lingering shots in the empty rooms when you can hear the action off screen. Even though I was upset Bigelow, Anderson and Affleck got snubbed for Best Directer. I’m not too upset about Haneke’s nomination. But, I am scratching my head as to why Emmanuelle Riva was nominated for Best Actress when her on screen husband, Jean Louis Trintignant was way better. He had more depth and emotion than what Riva was given. She was good don’t get me wrong but I feel her nomination was just to make history of being the oldest nominee in history.

I may have found it more interesting because my grandparents went through a similar ordeal. My grandpa had a stroke and my grandma had to take care of him for awhile until he needed to be put in a nursing home. I could somewhat relate to Anne and George, weirdly enough my grandmas name was Anne. So, throughout this whole film all I could think about was how I didn’t want to get old and for good reason, either you live to be the one with serious medical issue or a loved one does. This just doesn’t sound appealing. Alas I can not prevent myself from getting old so I must carry on. This movie was a great depiction of the troubles ahead. Molly grades it a B+.


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