Girls – It’s About Time


Girls is awesome. (It won the Golden Globe and those are SOOO important!) But really, this is one of my favorite shows and it just had its second season opener on Sunday. It was great to catch up with Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa. We jump ahead to a few weeks after the events of season one. I like the fact that the show doesn’t tell the audience everything that happened during the break. It reminds me a lot of Mad Men and Six Feet Under, shows that throw you right back in to action after some period of time has passed. And like the marketing campaign for Girls told us, “Anything can happen.” Hannah can be in a relationship with Donald Glover, Shoshanna can already be over Ray and then back together with Ray, Marnie can get fired and almost have sex with Elijah, and Jessa can get back from her honeymoon with Thomas John still together with him. The possibilities are endless! Where will we go next?


P.S. I enjoy the fact that Hannah is taking care of Adam. He has some of the best lines ever in this episode.


One thought on “Girls – It’s About Time

  1. segi says:

    I didn’t think about it before but you make a really interesting point about how Girls throws you straight back into action after time has passed. Although it would be good to know what happened during that time as it creates a fuller picture.

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