Justified- Hole in the Wall



Seen by: Molly

     Justified just keeps getting better and better. The introduction of the new characters doesn’t seemed forced, Patton Oswalt shines as a wanna be cop, Boyd’s military friend brings humor and fear and the hillbilly brother and sister act brings the crazy. Also Tom Walker makes an appearance! The thing that got me most excited about the season is the mystery of the bag and Waldo Truth! Usually there is just a big bad guy every season i.e. the Crowder family, Mags Bennet and Quarles. I love the new direction the show is taking. The mystery of the reason the parachute man went to his death and why Arlo cares about an empty bag, 27 years later. What makes it even better is it’s inspired by a true story! In an interview with the creator on Entertainment Weekly he states “There is a thing nicknamed the Bluegrass Conspiracy. It did involve a guy who plummeted to his death in a streamer parachute with a lot of cocaine on him, and that was in the South. He landed in Tennessee. His name was Drew Thornton, a Lexington kid who was a lawyer and a cop and got in bad with drugs. It happened in 1985”. ( To read more of this awesome interview go here) Just as long as they don’t pull a ‘The Killing’ and have us wait two seasons for an answer. I will be happy.

My favorite bad guy is back in full swing! Religion once again is putting a damper on Boyd’s criminally activity. The confrontation of Boyd and the hillbilly with the snake should be a hoot! Honestly with the body count Boyd is leaving behind, how is he not in jail? Raylan and Boyd won’t be sharing screen time until episode 6, so he won’t be running into real trouble until then!

The only thing I wish for this season is the return of Dickie Bennett and Limehouse. I haven’t seen Season 3 since last year but I feel their storyline was left open for a return. I can only hope!


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