Cougar Town Blues


     They’re back. They’re back. And they’re just as good as ever! They’re back. They’re back. It’s just like they never…left. (Channeling Jean Ralphio) Everbody Cougar Town’s back!! Acknowledging the fact that they were off the air for months was only the beginning of the season 4 premiere of Cougar Town! Plus they’re on cable now (does that mean they can curse?) This episode brought a lot of laughs and a lot of heartfelt moments. Whether it was #CoffeeBitch, Laurie professing her love of Monopoly and her nickname Community Chest, Bobby and Travis share some father-son bonding time, or Andy taking advantage of an Ambien’d out Ellie, this episode brought a lot of great stuff back to the table! Plus, Michelle Williams was on and she’s like my #2 biggest celebrity crush!! I look forward to a great season. Especially in March when some super awesome extras will be in the background. – Tyler

It’s been a year since Cougar Town premiered on television and they made sure you knew it. The cold opening had a great second meaning similar to there “thanksgiving” episode in season 3. The gang is back on cable! TBS is a beautiful new home for the show, they can drink, swear and be happy! They were all three in the premiere, well besides Jules.

The thing I was most impressed with in the episode was the shows ability to reuse the same jokes and still be funny. When it comes to if Jules can change a meaning of a phrase, junk in the trunk, to Tom Cruise fascination. Each time it’s said seems like the first. This makes me wonder if they will be using the phrase Coffee Bitch and Wine Guy again? I don’t see why not.

Andy, Bobby and Travis all believe in running away from their problems. I can understand why Bobby wants to get away from one of the worst writers ever! Andy is slacking on his job and can I just ask, what ever happen to Andy running for Mayor? Did I miss something/drink too much wine while watching last season? We all knew Travis was going to run away from Laurie and his feeling. How long can he keep that up? With rumors of Wade returning, it’s not looking good for Travis. I can’t wait to see the rest of the season especially episode 9 where two pretty cool people drink some “beer and wine” in Greyson’s Pub. I’m hearing rumors about a spin-off! -Molly


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