Top Ten List and Justified

Recently my friend, Austin Lugar, asked me to compile my Top Ten Episodes of 2012 and to write about my favorite Justified episode and I gladly accepted. The list is made, the review is written and it is published now on his blog. Here is my excerpt:

Justified – “Guy Walks Into a Bar” (Season Three, Episode 10)



[Plot spoilers for what happens in this episode of Justified.]


     It has been awhile since I have seen Season Three and since they don’t release the DVD until a week before the new season, it doesn’t give me much time to refresh my memory. But one episode stands out. The episode consists of a stand off between Raylan and Querles, the Emmy-winning Jeremy Davies as Dickie, the monster that is Limehouse and also my favorite Supernatural guy, Jim Beaver.


This episode marks the fall of Querles. Querles started off the season high on power and ideas but once he put those ideas into action, in Harlan, his power slowly decreases. Querles to me was never a smart guy so his character just bugged me so it was nice to see his plan crumble. After his Sheriff lost office on a technicality, thanks to Boyd, he knew he was screwed. What else was he to do then to get high and tie a man to a toilet. His humility continues when he tries to “scare’ Raylan and threatens him. First he gives a great speech on how he will kill Raylan sometime soon, “Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but someday you’ll be walking down the street and I’m going to put a bullet in the back of your skull.” Boom, so he thought. Raylan shoots his gun to the ceiling clearing all the patrons from the bar stating “Why wait?” (BEST RAYLAN MOMENT EVER!)

     Querles is thrown off guard and unprepared, which seems to be a theme for him. He isn’t ready to take Raylan because he knows the only advantage of taking down Raylan is the element of surprise. But of course him being cocky that he is thinks he can do it, but alas has no chance. He is scared off by a girl with a shotgun. Now this is the third act of humility and downfall for him. It can only get worse and it does.


     This episode had Raylan being humiliated but in the end it all work out for him in a way. He’s speech about letting Dickie go was on cue. Either he will end up back in jail or he will be dead. Why should Raylan get a smoothie dropped on him, from some crazy lady, to stop it. This begins the new adventure of Dickie and his stupidity. I love Jeremy Davies portrayal so more of him is good! Boyd hears about Dickie inevitable release and he knows he will do something stupid to get his hands on the money. Limehouse is worried about the same thing so in his pig-murdering den he tells his minion to bring him to him. The way Limehouse always gives order while in the pig dissection room brings a stronger evil presence to Limehouse. I can only hope we will be seeing him in Season Four.


     This episode picked up Limehouse’s storyline and decreased the power of Querles two things I wanted to see happen in the season. I just love when things go my way!  (Sidenote When Shelby lied to the deputies about having cancer I totally got a Bobby vibe.)


Molly’s Top 10 Episodes of 2012 (disclaimer: I hate picking favorites and numbering best to worst.)
1. Community – “Digital Estate Planning” (Season Three, Episode 20)
2. Mad Men – “Far Away Places” (Season Five, Episode 6)
3. Game of Thrones – “Valar Morghulls” (Season Two, Episode 10
4. Cougar Town – “Ain’t Love Strange” (Season Three, Episode 1)
5. Justified – “Guy Walks Into a Bar” (Season Three, Episode 10)
6. Breaking Bad – “Dead Freight” (Season Five, Episode 5)
7. Parks and Recreation – “Halloween Surprise” (Season Five, Episode 5)
8. The Vampire Diaries – “The Murder of One” (Season Three, Episode 18)
9. Community – “Virtual System Analysis” (Season Three, Episode 16)
10. New Girl – “Bath Tub” (Season Two, Episode 10) “

To read more Top Ten list, visit Austin Lugar’s blog.

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