Seen by: Tyler Clements

Alfred Hitchcock Aims

I have a feeling that the target market for people wanting to see a movie, about the making of a movie, that was made over 50 years ago is pretty small. Especially since a large part of the population wasn’t born or old enough to see the movie when it was released. But I, as a lover of Hitchcock, and especially Psycho, enjoyed this movie! Unfortunately I don’t think the viewership will extend much beyond that. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren were pretty great. And the movie was actually quite funny and very informative (not sure how much was factual.) Unfortunately if you don’t know the plot to Psycho by heart, or have never seen it, I don’t think it would be as enjoyable. The film expects you to know exactly what is happening in the movie, and during Hitchcock’s process, otherwise the character could be mistaken for a very strange person. I would recommend it to anyone that has seen Psycho even if that’s the only Hitchcock movie they’d seen. And if you haven’t seen it, come on! It’s a classic!

Grade: B+


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