Oscar Watch with Molly and Tyler


Seen by: Tyler (Molly didn’t want to see it)


I did not like Lincoln. I won’t sugar coat it. I was very excited about this movie because I love Daniel Day Lewis and think he is fantastic. My qualms with this movie had nothing to do with him. He was fantastic and will most likely be nominated for Best Actor and, in my opinion, lose to Joaquin Phoenix. I had no problem with the story. From what I’ve heard and read it was very accurate! My problem was, Lincoln had too many recognizable faces! Also I usually really dislike Spielberg movies. Daniel Day Lewis is Abraham Lincoln. However, the rest of the actors seem to be playing dress up in this movie. Oh look, Joseph Gordon Levitt with a mustache. Jarred Harris with a terrible American accent. Tommy Lee Jones in THE WORST WIG OF ALL TIME (I get that it was his character, but come on!) James Spader as some hillbilly. Adam from Girls is a telegraph boy? On and on and on. It completely took me out of the setting of the movie! It’s Spielberg’s job to make me forget I’m watching a movie. Instead, it just looked like a bunch of my favorite actors were playing dress up in a movie that will be shown in 2nd grade classrooms for the next 50 years. That’s all the better this movie was. It should not be nominated for Best Picture. There have been too many awesome movies this year!

I’d nominate it for Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis.

Quick side note: Michael Stuhlbarg is in EVERYTHING this year (Men in Black 3, Seven Psycopaths, Lincoln, Boardwalk Empire, and he’s in Hitchcock!)

Silver Lining Playbook

Seen by: Molly (Tyler didn’t want to see it)


I loved this movie. Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Jackie Weaver, Chris Tucker, Julia Stiles and John Ortiz were all phenomenal. Cooper surprised me with his brilliant bi-polar  performance of Pat. De Niro played an OCD Pat Sr. that had me believing in all his antics. Weaver played the concern Mom with just enough concern. Tucker actually didn’t yell. Stiles played a real spoiled housewife while Ortiz played the frantic husband trying to please her and I was concerned for their relationship. I really got into these characters! As for Lawrence  I was not impressed as usual. I believe she is just a couple steps above Kristen Stewart, she can act her best being sad and emotionless which Tiffany was not. I never believed Lawrence performance once, that she was in love with Pat (Cooper and Lawrence didn’t have the best chemistry it could be the age difference), she was crazy, and she was Tiffany. I saw Lawrence portray those but I never believed her. How she got nominated for an Oscar for never smiling I don’t know. I do believe she is improving a bit but definitely not Oscar worthy. This movie shined bright through the acting, the ending was predictable like any romantic comedy but the journey to get there had depth and meaning. We got more into the characters and the romance was a second plot point. It was fun, awkward and brilliant! David O. Russels directing and writing superb.

I would nominate it for: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro, Best Actor: Bradley Cooper

I would love to see a comedy go home with some prizes! I’d rather see Moonrise Kingdom win but the Academy doesn’t like quirky fun movies which is rubbish.


2 thoughts on “Oscar Watch with Molly and Tyler

  1. Youdontsay says:

    I’m on the opposite side, I absolutely loved Lincoln and found the acting throughout to be excellent. Rather than being taken out of the film I appreciated the terrific acting by an exceptionally talented cast. Tommy Lee was being Tommy Lee, but it fit beautifully with the role he was portraying (except for his Texas accent for a Pennsylvanian by way of Vermont), and James Spader’s Tennessee character was hysterical (this being the comic relief role in the film). In fact, next to DDL Spader was my favorite performance in the film.

    The film was beautifully shot, excellently acted, and only had two sections that could have been dropped from the film…the recitation of the Gettysburg Address, and the section of the film at the end following Lincoln’s leaving for the theatre; everything after he leaves should have been cut. The before mentioned scene would have been the perfect ending. But those complaints are small compared to the overall quality of the film.

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