Some of Pawnee Visits Indianapolis!

I have been pretty fortunate this year to be able to see parts of my favorite comedies: Cougar Town, Arrested Development and Parks and Recreation. I can’t talk about Cougar Town since I signed a confidentiality form. But, while visiting Culver Studio’s for Cougar Town I was able to see the Bluth Stair Car (I’m not sure if I’m suppose to tell you but I did). Then today I was able to see the men of Parks and Recreation! I can tell you all about it because I didn’t sign anything! Also I don’t know much.

First, I have been loving this current season. I’m going to compare it to Homeland because like Homeland, Parks and Recreation hasn’t been waiting for the mid-season finale or season finale to show us a big event. Leslie and Ben getting engaged in episode 5, Leslie and Ben got together in Season 4 Episode 8, and Andy and April get married Season 3 Episode 9. I love how they don’t compromise the story to get the big moments during sweeps or finales. Done with the TV review part!

I heard word on Thursday that Parks and Recreation was filming in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, St. Elmos Steakhouse and maybe an exterior night shot on the upcoming Monday. I, of course, freaked out because I LOVE Parks and Rec. I made it my mission to see them. Let me tell you mission accomplished! I took my lunch break from work at 1:15pm, walked to St. Elmos which was four minutes away. Waited outside St. Elmos for ten minutes then BOOM Rob Lowe appears, then two minutes later Jim O’Heir appears and walks over to greet the fans. That’s how I got this money shot. (also Jim’s shirt was very itchy)


Soon Rob Lowe came by, I was nice and I took two peoples picture with him. Unfortunately Rob Lowe walked right by me. I literally was super sad. Alas I touched his back. So not sad anymore.


One by one, Nick Offerman ran past the crowd high-fiving like his named was called for a team lineup., which he missed my hand! I’m not upset or anything Nick Offerman, I’m sure my hand was just too skinny to see or something! Jim O’Heir chanted Jerry as he walked by and the crowd joined in! Adam Scott was on the phone and I swear he took some girls bracelet while shaking her hand. Chris Pratt walks out in his Colts Jersey smiling and waving. Aziz Ansari walks out on the phone and gave a few smiles but was he smiling at the fans or to the person on the phone?


So why were they all here in Indianapolis and the gals were nowhere to be seen. Bachelor Party!! You may think it was for Ben but Ron was wearing a hat that had “Bachelor Boy” on it. This led me to the conclusion Ron was marrying Lucy Lawless character and his guy pals went to the  steak house that was closed in Season 3 Episode 6 to celebrate. But, why would Ron want to go to Lucas Oil Stadium? Is Andy having a bachelor party he never got? Is Ben also getting a share in this bachelor party? Will he dress up as Batman during their night shoot? Are they killing three birds with one stone? How sad is Chris going to be if Ron is actually getting married? Aziz and him are the only single guys left! Or I could be completely wrong and it is Ben’s Bachelor Party because I heard around the crowd that Ben’s brother was there but that’s not officially confirmed.

It was cool to see some of my favorite television cast but I wish I could have seen them in action. I was glad I only had to wait ten minutes because I was about to leave. Girls gotta eat!

Sidenote: When Jim O’Heir said to the crowd of “fans” that his wife, played by Christie Brinkley, will be in this weeks new episode. I swear everyone around me  was surprise and freaking out, was that seriously the first time they heard of it? I knew about that three weeks ago and I also know its because Jerry/Gary is hosting a Christmas party that the Parks department attends. What kind of “fans” were these people!


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