Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II

First I hate these movies. So why did I go see it? I have an interest in supernatural content and it was only five dollars. I read the first three books then came to my senses and didn’t waste my time on the forth (unlike Tyler). I didn’t know what was going to happen beside friends telling me there wasn’t a fight scene which the trailer made it seem there was going to be one. Lets take a look at it.

Did I just see the whole movie? Every plot point was discussed, except the ‘twist’. My advice take out the audio/scenes of finding witnesses and leave something up, besides the ending, to the viewers imagination  So I go see the movie Saturday morning with a very talkative crowd behind me. They were, on their phone, dropping popcorn, failing to pick up said popcorn and kicking my friends chair. Why do people think that is ok? Back to the movie, I hated it. My problems aside from the plot and acting:

1. The digitally altered baby/toddler. It looked horrible and what was the point, I get she was suppose to be growing fast but we understood that when she looked seven in two weeks. Just use a real baby! Only The Social Network can properly superimpose a face on a body! This was just as bad as The Hunger Games awful Parade of the Tributes special effects.

2. Many unanswered questions. How exactly is it possible for a vampire to impregnate a women? Can a woman vampire be impregnated by human male? How do you create an immortal baby? Did I just tune out when those were answered? The vampires are dead meaning nothing works and nothing is needed except blood.

3. Why didn’t the vampire who could create/alter the earths elements bring a lighter to just burn enemy vampires or create a snow storm by them when they were charging at each other? Feel it would have been more effective then smashing the ground.

4. Why didn’t Aro bring up the fact that a human (Bella’s Dad) knew about werewolves and that he knew Bella was different than a human being while reading Edwards mind?

5. I still don’t understand how Bella had such control around her father being a new vampire? I saw those vampires in Eclipse they were crazy!

6. This isn’t a problem just a statement but poor kids who turned into werewolves to soon just because Edward and Bella had to have sex.

I do applaud them for the twist I didn’t see coming that I should have guessed. I should’ve known they wouldn’t kill off any main characters like Carlisle or Jasper. I wonder if Stephanie Meyer is upset she didn’t think of it. I might have liked it more if people did die. What vampire movie doesn’t have a human or supernatural being die? A dumb one! Although did Maggie Grace’s character die, the one who caused the maybe fight? I don’t remember if that was before the vision or after. Anywho Kudos to Lee Pace and Michael Sheen for being the only two actors who were good in poor make-up!

I’m glad this franchise is finally over and I can only hope Meyer’s new book to movie ‘The Host’ is better quality. Saoirse Ronan is a huge step up from Kristen Stewart!


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