Oscar Season is Upon Us!

It’s that time of year again! Time for Oscar talk! So let’s quickly run through which movies we think could have a shot!

What we’ve seen:

Moonrise Kingdom
Tyler: This was such a fun movie! It’s been a couple months since I saw it, but it was definitely a unique movie that could be in contention for multiple awards!
Molly: I entered the movie not knowing anything about it and left the happiest I have ever been leaving a movie. Entertaining, exquisite acting, hilarious, moving and a joy to watch! Best Picture, Screenplay, Director are my hopeful nominations

The Dark Knight Rises
Tyler: Is this the year that Batman finally gets a Best Picture nomination? With the expanded category open to up to 10 movies I think yes.
Molly: If District 9 can be nominated this is a shoe in for Best Picture, Sound Editing/Mixing and Effects. Can it break into Best Director or Actor, most likely not.

The Master
Tyler: Joaquin says he doesn’t care about the Oscars but we still think he’ll at least get nominated. I thinks he should win Best Actor.
Molly: Currently in the process of finding a time to see it.

Seven Psychopaths 
Tyler: Quite possibly my favorite movie in a long time. Hilarious, witty, and full of action. Sam Rockwell absolutely killed it. Get it?
Molly: A movie I was guessing how it could end and loved not knowing until the end. Best Screenplay since In Bruge did it but a long shot for Best Picture, Director and Actor. I would nominate you Sam!

Tyler: How could they make a situation where you know the outcome even more intense? Honestly I don’t know. That’s the genius of Argo.
Molly: Ditto to what Tyler said. Ben this could be the year your film gets in Best Picture and Director race. I don’t foresee any acting nominations.

Cloud Atlas
Tyler: Great movie. So polarizing. Everyone needs to see this movie. Our lives are not our own.
Molly: Never got bored in this two hour and fifty minute masterpiece. A shoe in for Best Make Up, Costume, Editing and Sound categories. Long shots for Director, Picture or any acting category.

Tyler: It was, in my opinion, the worst of the Pixar movies that I’ve seen. Haven’t seen Cars 2.
Molly: Done before meaning, didn’t we see this lesson in Parent Trap and even that was a remake. I wouldn’t mind this film not being nominated for Best Animated film but if Cars can this can.

Tyler: Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis were on the top of their game with this one. Kind of hard to believe it was the same writer as Real Steel. One of my favorite movies in a while!
Molly: I needed more John Goodman. I wasn’t too impressed.

Tyler: I’ve only seen Daniel Craig as James Bond. So what did I think about Skyfall? Find out next week!
Molly: Predictable. Slow Pace. Loved Q. Wasn’t my favorite Bond. I foresee a nomination for Cinematography and Sound Editing/Mixing. Bardem might have a chance seeing he was nominated before.

What we plan on seeing:
Django Unchained
Les Misérables
The Hobbit
Life of Pi
Silver Lining Playbook
Wreck It Ralph
The Impossible
Killing Them Softly

Movies we might see if nominated:
The Sessions
Anna Karenina
Beast of the Southern Wild
Rust and Bone
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Hyde Park on Hudson
Rise of the Guardians

Movies we wish we were seeing before 2012 ends:
Gangster Squad
The Great Gatsby
Zero Dark Thirty


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