Arrow- “Damaged”

This show got to a rocky start for me. It was trying to be Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy with poor production quality and writing. This week the show finally found its rhythm. I couldn’t believe how fast the show explored the story lines of Oliver Queen getting arrested for being the green arrow and finding the Queens Gambit remains. They revealed these story lines without have the story coming to a halt. I can not express to you enough how happy I was when Queen set up this arrest because he felt people would be getting suspicious since this Arrow character started showing up once he came back. He is smart!

His flashbacks we saw from the island finally got juicy. Who were those mercenaries on the island? Why is it known as “purgatory”? Even though the half black, half white face (pictured above) man would seem cheesy it wasn’t, having no lips help. I was totally freaked out by it.  Is that a mask or his face? The fight between him and the original green arrow was choreographed/performed beautifully, I have to say! Great improvement from the fight Queen and Deadshot had. I never read the comic books but I believe I read he is one of Queen’s deadliest villain. We figured out where the scars came from, torture by the mysterious faced man. When Laurel found out she handle it great. She realized she couldn’t hate him anymore because he already been through enough punishment for what he did to her and her sister. I’m glad she no longer hates him for what he did, says a lot about her character and it fits!

Onto the Queens Gambit, how Mother Queen found it I don’t know but what will Walter Steele do with this information. First he gets someone killed but now it seems like he is stepping back and figuring out how to deal with it, without getting killed. Since he was warned by his lovely wife he doesn’t know who he is dealing with. I feel this is a mid season cliff-hanger to be told. I will seat back and wait.

This show is reminding me more and more of Revenge. Queen has a list of people his Dad told him ruined his city. Revenge started out with a photograph of people, her Dad gave her, that ruin her and her Dad’s life. Then Revenge changed from taking down a person in each episode to focusing on the conspiracy as a whole. I can only hope that is what happens to Arrow because this “You have failed this city” line happening in each episode is getting old and laughable. Take a clue from Revenge dig deeper into the organization as a whole not a person by person take down. It’s much better story telling

I almost gave up on this series but I’m glad I didn’t because it sadden me I almost wasn’t going to see Stephen Amell’s fabulous abs anymore.


One thought on “Arrow- “Damaged”

  1. Buddy2Blogger says:

    “It was trying to be Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy with poor production quality and writing.” – Well put. Some of the recent episodes have even some lines taken as it is from the Nolan movies.

    I hope Bruce Wayne will stop by in one of the future episodes. That is definitely doable (compared to Supes or Martian Manhunter)!

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