Issues with Homeland “A Gettysburg Address”

I can’t believe I just wrote that headline but in the latest episode of Homeland I had some issues. Spoilers and complaints coming your way, be warned.

First things first, they let Brody go back home as long as he agreed he would be a double agent and help them figure out Abu Nazir’s plan. Great, love the new direction it’s going.  But in this latest episode Carrie tells Brody to come to their super secret headquarters to help them out. If the CIA, mostly Quinn the lead on the operation, doesn’t trust Brody, why did they tell him where the super secret headquarters are? He is/was a terrorist. They don’t know whether he could just turn on them. This leads me to my original problem; I feel the writers could have worded this conversation differently when Brody arrives to the super secret headquarters:

Carrie: How are you?

Brody: Not too bad actually. Taking a lot of painkillers for the hole in my hand. Is he here? 

Carrie: Yeah.

Brody: Quinn.

Carrie: Did it go alright when you went home?

Brody: Yeah I think so, told Jessica I was working for the CIA. She seemed to believe me. Asked if you were involved. I said no.

Carrie: Ok

Brody: So what am I doing here?

Carrie: The deal we talked about. You helping us getting Abu Nazir exchange for immunity. If you’re still willing it starts now. I’ll help you through it.

Excuse me, you’re asking if he is still willing? You let him go back home knowing he is a terrorist and you’re asking if he is still willing? He better be willing, you already trusted him with your super secret location!

I did like how the staring contest went down between, Carrie, Quinn and Brody about how Brody knew something and was doing a terrible job lying. Great editing!

On to the next problem. The whole Gettysburg scenario, I didn’t like how it all played out. This one can kind of be explained and I will put those possible explanations in italics. It all started when Carrie made the phone call to Quinn about how she was worried something might go down at the shop after Roya revealed she knew the shop was being searched. Quinn kinda listened to her and tells Danny to call for back-up. Good job! But Quinn was surprised she knew. Quinn, It might be because there are five cars parked behind the store and twenty agents inside. They aren’t blind. They are terrorists! When someone tells you terrorist know your searching one of their places, wouldn’t you get the hell out of the there? You could survey the place from a distance and wait for something. It would be more advantageous since Roya pretty much said something is in the shop. Granted they wouldn’t of had time to put a full blown survey on the place after Carrie called, but still it could have saved many lives!

Then, ten minutes later, after Danny called for back-up, they hear the bells ring from the front door of the store. The front door wasn’t locked? I suppose the terrorist could have had a key but still.

Next issue, the CIA didn’t have a single person in the front looking out for customers or terrorists? After all, they were searching a known terrorist establishment. They could have killed the agent who was standing watch silently but still. Long shot. So of course walking through that door are gunmen and they shoot everyone. They take a box from the wall Quinn was eying before the gun fire. No worries Quinn is still alive but what about Danny?

Final issue. I liked Dana and the VP’s son love story but now it has a taken sharp turn to scandal. I have lost interest; compared to all the other drama happening in the show this just seems out of place. Last season they had side story lines involving Saul and that fit in. But this one has messed up the pace and flow of the show. I know the storyline isn’t complete so I will express more once we see where it goes. I can only guess it won’t end happily as the victim already died. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the victims daughter.

To me, this was one of their weaker episodes ever really. It did move the story along immensely with the mystery box in the wall being taken from Gettysburg. That certainly intrigued me. I simply think it was handled wrong. I know I over think shows sometimes but Homeland has made me feel this could be happening now in real life. I believe in what the characters are doing and saying in the situations they are in. This isn’t something I just enjoy like an action movie and just want to see a crazy shoot outs or explosion.  It’s a show I invest in and worry about the outcome of the characters. I want to see some smart thinking. I realize characters have flaws, but what happened in this episode weren’t all flaws it was poor planning to just move the story along.

Sidenote: Can you believe how bad of a job Virgil and Max did during the surveillance of Roya and the mystery man? I love having them back and you can’t always win.


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