The Vampire Diaries Review and Questions

This of course contains spoilers so don’t read on if you haven’t seen “The Five”. Or if you haven’t and don’t care about getting spoiled by all means read on!

Three major things happened last night, 1. There is a cure to being a vampire (yay, Elena won’t be sulking around anymore) 2. Poor Rebecca got staked again. (damn klaus) 3. Bonnie’s hot teacher is with or one of The Five

Here are my thoughts on the three major “twists”. First the cure, what is this X-men The Last Stand? Stefan obviously wants it. He doesn’t like Elena being a vampire because he knows one day she will kill someone and she will turn off her humanity because the guilt will destroy her. Stefan believes there is no hope for her to turn it back on because she is to emotional. Alright understandable but does he realize by turning Elena back into a human, Klaus will take her blood and create many more hybrids which then those hybrids will kill humans. No matter what because of Elena people will die. I feel she has a greater chance of not killing someone if she stays a vampire. Even though she thinks she will end up just like Damon, feeding on people and liking it. It’s the better alternative than ending up like Ripper Stefan. I know Damon has killed but I’m pretty sure Stefan has killed more. Why do we hate Damon? I guess he doesn’t feel guilty when he does kill. Katherine needs to come back, she was a doppleganger turned vampire she can maybe help Elena. Maybe. This cure will ride out until the end of the season or before they take their winter hiatus. VD is pretty good at keeping the pace going.

I lost track of how many times Rebecca has temporarily died, six or seven times. I just really wanted to say I was throughly impressed with Claire Holt’s performance. She captured evil and heartbroken all in one episode brilliantly. I hope her hiatus isn’t that long. Where are they going to hide her?  I just wish Nina Dobrev could express more than just pathetic and sad all the time.

So Bonnie’s hot teacher knows about all supernatural beings around. Is he one of The Five? He does have an ancient tapestry with the symbol that is part of The Five’s tattoo. I wonder what witch cast a spell to make them invisible to all non-vampire hunters? I can only guess someone from Bonnie’s bloodline. Or if it wasn’t a witch how it become invisible and growing. Will hot teacher tell all to the clueless badass vampire hunter (I still miss you Alaric)? Will the cure be found? What does the cure entail, sacrifice, just drinking a potion or just blood?

I’m just really curious if Klaus takes the cure and then he dies will his bloodline too? Technically he is dying as a werewolve? Or if he takes the cure will it cure all his bloodline? As much as I love Klaus being an evil son of bitch I am getting tired of him and all his games. I will be even more tired of him if Caroline falls for him. That’s when I protest.

I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds because The Vampire Diaries does a great job in ending how you don’t expect it to.


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