Looper After Thoughts- Molly’s Dilemma

Written by: Molly Raker

Upon seeing the movie, all of our questions and concerns were answered.

1. I was mistaken, the gun wasn’t vintage it just looks like it. Apparently it’s the only gun that can shoot further than 15 feet.

2. I, Molly, was right about people having x-men mutant powers! Of course one had extremely scary powers like Jean Grey!

3. His voice does change, especially while yelling.

4. We still don’t like the make-up and prosthetics JGL went through

5. The missing bag is explained. Bruce Willis simply knocked out/killed three guys and took the bag off.

While these questions and concerns were answered or verified I discovered a huge plot hole in the movie. This movie brilliantly conveyed self-sacrifice and what someone will do for love. But, my issue is with the time travel. The time travel aspect was significantly better than Men In Black III, but not as good as Lost. Time travel is messy business but I believe I have a solid point. So hear me out and if you can’t understand my words, I will draw a picture.

First, we see the timeline where Young Joe didn’t kill Old Joe and Old Joe gets away. Then idiot Young Joe goes back to his apartment and gets in a fight then falls off his balcony. But then, we go back to the cornfield where Young Joe kills Old Joe. Young Joe takes his gold, moves to China, takes drugs, kills people, falls in love, gets clean and then the day comes when he must be sent back to get killed exactly how it happened before.

But this time Old Joe does not go willingly into the past to be killed by Young Joe. He instead fights his kidnappers, killing three of them in the process. This time he is going back willingly to seek revenge on someone called “The Rainmaker,” who caused the death of his wife. This is where the problem lies. The movie tells us that the reason the young boy, Cid, becomes the Rainmaker is because Old Joe kills his mother. But, in the original loop, the one where Young Joe kills Old Joe, the Rainmaker is a terrible person anyway. So our question is, why did Cid turn into the Rainmaker if there was no Old Joe killing his mom? Was Cid always destined to be bad? Was Young Joe’s sacrifice worthless? We realize that there was a new timeline started when Old Joe didn’t die, but that doesn’t explain our question. What do you think?

We found this timeline when googling Looper photos. But our problem is, what gave this person the idea Sara died?

I don’t even want to factor in his friend not closing his loop.

One last question, why was Sara just throwing an axe on a tree stump? My theory, does it get rid of or dull her TK abilities? All in all if I dont think too hard about the whole time travel issue, it was a fabulous movie. Also I would like to point out how brilliant the movie trailers were, I loved how I didn’t see any Cid in them! I love seeing an original concept in the theaters!


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