Reaction to Homeland

Written by Tyler


Spoilers ahead!
No seriously. Spoilers.

What to say about Homeland’s second season!  It has been everything I hoped it would be and if last night’s episode is any indication, we’re not slowing down any time soon.  As we know, Brody has recently been mentioned by the Veep (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss not appearing in this show) as a possible running mate for president.  That means Brody has had so much access to classified information that he probably shouldn’t be having…being a terrorist and all.  Carrie has been sent to Beirut to aide Saul with a former contact who has knowledge about Abu Nazir’s whereabouts.

So when the vice president pulled Brody into a meeting room to watch them take down Nazir once and for all, Brody had to prevent that from happening.  He texts someone close to Nazir and saves him at the last minute! What an intense scene! I was wondering if Carrie was right, hoping Brody would let Nazir die (kind of also hoping he wouldn’t.) And in the end Nazir got away, but two higher-ups in his organization went down.  So Carrie was right! Yay! She gets to go home right after she picks up her contact and takes her to America. But, then she wants to go comb through the contact’s apartment all of a sudden, this being the place where someone close to Nazir lived. Oh no Carrie! What are you doing?! Carrie! Don’t go into that apartment!! An angry mob is chasing and shooting at you! STAHP!  Luckily she is saved by a CIA agent and she makes it safely back to America.  But she has recovered a bag full of papers that may turn out to be useful.

So after going through all of the papers Carrie grabbed and finding nothing, Saul is set to give up and hand it off to someone else.  But then he feels something on the inside lining of the bag.  What could this be?? It’s an SD Card! It was hidden in such a secure spot! Let’s plug it into the computer! It’s not even encrypted??? Even better! And what is it? Grand Theft Auto 5? Pr0n? Designs for the iPhone 7? No! Remember that video Brody recorded before he went into the bunker to blow himself up with the Vice President? Well Saul is getting to experience it in full 1080p.

So now Saul knows Carrie was right all along! How will this play out? Who can Saul trust with this video? Will Homeland seriously continue to get better and better?? Only time will tell!


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