Looper Before Thoughts

Tonight at 7:15pm, Tyler and I will finally be seeing Looper. Tyler and I have some thoughts based on the poster and trailers we have seen. We thought we would express them first and see if they get answered after seeing the movie. We have read no articles and have seen no interviews. We have just heard how amazing it is and also my friend, Keith, has his hand appear in the movie.

Here are our concerns/questions:

1. In the poster above, (I couldn’t find the U.S. poster that displayed both guns) why does Joseph Gordon Levitt have a futuristic gun but Bruce Willis has a vintage gun? I know it is all set in the future, but why does Bruce Willis, who is from the future future, have a gun from our present day? Is that really all he could find?

2. Am I to believe there is also magic in the future? From what I saw, Emily Blunt had some kick ass X-Men mutant powers.

3. From the trailer below, JGL’s voice changes a lot. He has a deep voice when narrating and then in the actually scenes it’s his normal voice.

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt looks nothing like a younger Bruce Willis. We would have proffered JGL to just look like himself and not go through hours of prosthetics and makeup.

5. Why doesn’t Bruce Willis have a bag over his head when he is sent to the past? All the others did in the trailer. (see below)


2 thoughts on “Looper Before Thoughts

  1. mrmiddo says:

    Old joe’s captors/mafia/employers put the bag over his head when he was initially sent back. In a new timeline Old Joe sent himself back in the machine and did not bag himself.

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