Tyler’s Thoughts: Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere

Boardwalk is a recent favorite of mine. Having just finished the second season about a month ago I was really excited for the third season to premiere. Last season started off with the song “After You Get What You Want You Don’t Want It” and that seemed to be the theme all season. Nucky finally getting Margaret and Jimmy getting the power he wanted. So when this season started with “There’ll Be Some Changes Made” I knew it would set the tone for this whole season opener. In the second season finale Jimmy told Nucky, “you can’t be half a gangster, Nucky. Not anymore.” So on New Years Eve 1922 we find Nucky being a whole gangster. He’s all-in and it shows in a big way. This was one of my favorite episodes of this series. I liked catching up on almost all of the characters a year and a half after the end of last season. I was upset that we didn’t see any Chalky White though. Also it appears Richard has a hit list as this episode went out with a bang. There’ll be some changes made indeed.


2 thoughts on “Tyler’s Thoughts: Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere

  1. scriptsmotion says:

    Steve Buscemi is going to make anything good. I still haven’t seen this, but any story that plants its audience in the thick of political corruption fascinates me.
    Also, I’m writing a book set in 1940s Chicago, and I suppose I could tell my wife that HBO is research….

  2. The Spideron says:

    I am tremendously excited about this forthcoming season. After the explosive ending of series 2, there’ll be some interesting new dynamics in play. I expect the soundtrack will improve as well, with more ‘Charleston’ and ‘Black Bottom Stomp’ vibes to liven up the scene.

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