Molly’s Thoughts: Monday Night’s New Shows

Revolution: This show had great potential being from the minds of Eric Kripke (creator of Supernatural), J.J Abrams (creator of Lost) and directed by Jon Favreau  (Iron Man). It fell flat to me but not to the 11.7 million viewers who tuned in; but we will see how long those viewers last because they are losing one. One of my issues with the show is a similar issue to a past NBC show, The Event. There was a great concept but the way the show was shot just didn’t feel right. The colors were too crisp and bright for a world that witnessed a black out and an event. I don’t see how setting the mood with bright clear colors would reflect a doomed world. The whole look of both shows just didn’t seem real so I couldn’t believe that this could actually happen and somewhat relate. This is probably just me nit picking but I stand by it.

The whole beginning just felt like a PSA of how we are too dependent on electronics and it’s not good for us. Life Lesson #1: Get your head out of an electronic sometimes. Once that ends we skip ahead fifteen years and I most say Ben aged beautifully while Charlie looks like a new person! That is the beautifully world of aging of television. Charlie and her brother Danny are out hunting and there is nothing shocking about these characters personality and traits. Danny has asthma, Charlie likes to explore and wants to get out the town. There is Charlie and Danny’s kind of step-mom who is a doctor and an overweight funny guy who used to work for Google.  We can forget Uncle Miles who is a ruthless military man. It’s no shocker that weak Danny gets kidnapped after pulling a stupid stunt. Who in their right mind is going to take on about lets just say fifteen guys with weapons and all you have is a measly crossbow. Danny you should have listened to your father and put it down. This show would have gone a different direction (besides finding Danny, we just find a way to get the Dad out of custody) and less people would have died. Life lesson #2: Listen to your father in a life or death situation! Danny is now inadvertently responsible for about four deaths and counting since it caused a chain of events. This kicks off the whole series in a hunt to find Danny.

Big surprise, but seriously, who would have thought Danny would escape the militia but then he has an asthma attack and gets caught again. Bummer. In the mean time Charlie and the others find a handsome, not so good actor, who saves Charlie’s life from a rapist. Of course they have romantic tension and of course he is on the bad side. You have to make things interesting. I am assuming that is why Uncle Miles stayed behind when he knew a big group of militia soldiers were on their way to kill/capture him. We needed some fighting scene where bad guys die to keep things even and thrilling. My big question is somehow Charlie’s crush Nathan, just disappears during the initial fight when we all know he could have just shot Uncle Miles with his bow and arrow, but that wouldn’t make good television. Instead he randomly appears to save Charlie. Ok that makes sense, save a girl who you have only known for not even a day.

Enough of the pointless character decisions, the big mystery is how was all the power turned off, can it be turned back on and what can those ugly necklaces do! I heard from J.J Abrams himself that he is not pulling a Lost and these questions will be answered in a timely manner. We already know some power can be turned back on but only in certain proximity of the necklace. Can the necklace given to Google guy do the same thing? Will it randomly turn on at the worst or best moment. Only time will tell but I think I will just be gaining the knowledge by word of mouth. This isn’t worth forty-four minutes of my time.

The Mob Doctor: Unfortunately this horrible named show only received 5.1 million viewers in their premiere night, which is a huge bummer since I actually enjoyed it. I thought Jordan Spiro (who was from My Boys, also based in Chicago) was brilliant as the titled character The Mob Doctor, or Dr. Grace Devlin. Friday Night Lights alum Zach Gilford played her boy toy and William Forsythe, Constantine, who was in Boardwalk Empire just can’t shake a mob/gang related show and with good reason he is known for those roles.

The show balanced different medical cases well. One storyline didn’t seem thrown in; each decision had a reason and a consequence that made sense. The boy getting shot built tension between her and two other doctors which I am sure later on will come back and bite her in the ass. Grace’s friend Susie established what kind of relationship she has with her boy toy. Of the course the big one, the man in witness protection showed that Grace would not become a murderer even if it might get her family in danger, which it did. Her Mom was being held hostage. She was fast acting and besides going into a house where a man with a gun was at, she drew him out of the house. I can’t tell you enough how happy I was with this move, first I wasn’t expecting it and second it was smart! She of course went to one person, Constantine, who just happened to be an ex-mob boss who decides he wants to get back in the game, goodbye Moretti. This changes the whole dynamic of their relationship and the course of the show. I can now tell with Constantine in charge of her debt it will play out with mind games unlike how chaotic Moretti would have done things.

This showed had me hooked to at least continue on for a few more episodes. Even though it ends with a typical twist of, the same car that was at the murder scene of her alcoholic dad was at Constantine’s house. This shows Grace has always had the presence of the mob around her. It pains me to say it won’t be around us. I highly doubt we will be seeing a back order of episodes for this show.


One thought on “Molly’s Thoughts: Monday Night’s New Shows

  1. scriptsmotion says:

    I wasn’t interested in this show for one reason. I can’t see how tension will continue to build beyond this doctor’s conflict: saving her own life vs. taking the life of another. Either that will be drawn out, or it will be taken to its climax quickly, and then the bar will continue to rise beyond willing suspension of disbelief. In so many words, it seems to me this show has painted itself into a corner.
    Interesting, though, was the fact that this Mob Doctor is struggling with the woes of debt. That is something nearly every American can relate to!

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