Tyler’s Summer Shows

   Mad Men: Technically this show started in March but it didn’t end    until late spring which I’m going to call summer. Personally, I think this was the strongest season they’ve had yet.  This is by far my favorite show of all time so sure there may be some bias. Let’s recap! Betty gained some weight, Sally took drugs, Pete got punched (three times!), Roger took LSD, Joan (still) plays the accordion, Peggy moved on, Lane bought a Jaguar, Glenn dropped by, Megan is an actress, and Don…THAT LOOK!

Breaking Bad: Also by far the best season of this show! Every single episode was a hit. Aaron Paul turned in his best performance of the series in these eight episodes. Walt has completely transformed into Heisenberg, Mike let his guard down for once (oops), Jesse’s out, Skylar has lost her mind, and Hank…THAT LOOK!

Girls: What a fantastic, refreshing, terrifying and hilarious show. If you are about to graduate college like me or you recently graduated, you know how terrifying looking for a job can be.  This show encapsulates all the insecurities felt by a 20-something college graduate who is trying to figure out life.

Veep: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss! This show was funny and underrated.  It wasn’t the greatest show this summer but it had a lot of moments.  Plus its premise was different which was a very good.  A comedy focusing on the day-to-day operations in the Vice President’s office, Awesome!

I don’t watch much summer television so I spent most of my summer going to class and working. But I did catch up on a few shows I’ve wanted to watch for a while.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Seinfeld is my favorite comedy of all time. Nothing can top it. Sorry Community, Parks & Rec, and Cougar Town. So it was only natural that I would LOVE this show. I did indeed LOVE it. While Larry David may be playing a fictionalized version of himself something tells me there could be a camera following him around and it would capture this show. Plus the whole seventh season was basically a Seinfeld reunion. So overall it was prettayyy, prettayyyyy, prettayyyyy, pretty good.

The Wire: This was quite possibly one of the most intriguing shows I have ever watched.  I love detective shows so naturally I was very interested in this.  If you’ve never seen it I recommend you giving it a shot!


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